Alleged Bettman Interference in Balsillie Bid for Predators

I think that the time is ripe for another WHA. The NHL is poorly managed and needs to have a major reality check. Mr Balsillie should get a few of his billionaire friends together and start their own league!

IIRC, Nashville lost $27m last 2 years, and last year they received $14m in revenue sharing payments from other teams.

Why on earth would the league want to sustain such a drain, especially when the alternative is to move that team to place where it can thrive?

Another question arises. How important are the 10 'most money-losing' teams to the league?

How important is it for the NHL to have a team in Arizona?

No, that's not what happened.

Where it stands now is that there are three offers, none of which are commitments, to buy the team, Balsillie's, Boots (the LA guy) and a local group.

Balsillie is not out of it.

Does Boots have Cold Feet?

I don't buy it. It isn't consistent with anything else out there that I've read?

Hamilton gets and expansion team? Where did that come from?

And where is the mention of Bruckheimer's Las Vegas expansion team?

Would be nice though.

There ya go!

I'm all for the whole hockey-as-national-identity Tim Horton commerical patriotism angle to hockey. Kids and early morning practice and all that stuff. The local team and international tourneys and all that junk too.

The NHL? Can't get too misty-eyed about a bunch of super-rich guys that want to charge me $400 a pair to participate in my birthright.

Crush the NHL. Give hockey to the people.

Especially when the last three Stanley Cups were won in places where, essentially, not many people cared.

California, Carolina and Florida.

Schwarzenegger hositing the cup was surreal.

Gary Bettman is chasing a 'NFL-style' TV deal, where the television money covers most of a team's revenues. Phoenix, Miami, Anaheim (L.A), New Jersey (NYC), Dallas, and the whole sunbelt experiment are all big TV markets. As far as U.S TV is concerned Hamilton, Winnipeg and Quebec City adds nothing to their revenues and hinders bettman's ultimate goal.

I would argue that with 'all' the TV money the NHL generates in Canada(CBC,TSN/RDS,sportsnet) it's probably around 175-200 million annually divided between 30 teams. that's between roughly 4.5 and 6.5 million per team. Which relatively speaking isn't much. Now,with Leafs TV,western team PPV and the habs exclusive RDS contract, people have to pay for games meaning that the team gets that money and not the league.

Everyone in Canada watches anyway so why would CBC throw more money at the NHL? 1 more cdn team will not add much if any to existing TV revenue. It means another cdn team that gets great tickets and merchadise revenue, hence more money for that individual team, which revenue is based on in the NHL. This team becomes competitive and American care about hockey even less. Sure it's a great move for the predators but not for the NHL's ultimate goal. Less teams in the U.S means less 'potential' U.S TV money. A potential that Bettman has been chasing for a decade but hasn't yet come close to reaching.

Yeah, well, been there done that.

Failure. Big time.

National TV ratings in the US are lower than ever.

Ain't gonna work.

How long does it take for that realization to set in? When it does, the game and league will be much better off.

So where will money be made? Increased equity, expansion fees and gate. Balsillie brings all three.

Less teams in the U.S. (like Nashville) means less losses, and less equalization payments from teams like Hamilton would provide.

Hey Gary! Wake up already!

Atta boy Gary.....keep chasing that dream. So that a Stanley Cup playoff game can be pre-empted for ten pin bowling. Way to go Bettman!