Alleged assualt at Mosaic

Wasnt this already discussed here? Although I cannot find the thread. Perhaps the mods took it off.

Yes believe it was a few days ago.

The guy should be easy to find
Just look for a male Rider fan that wears panties.
Oh wait!


Interesting, so if this now proof enough Rider fans???

Who said the perpetrator was a Rider fan?

…no one, stallion is referring to when it was a Twitter claim, which according to this LP article is all it still is…

Um basically Riderfans did when they screamed for proof when this allegation was out on twitter

My apologies as I thought you inferred it had to be a Rider fan who did the assault.

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Who cares what team he likes. Whoever he is, if found guilty isn’t a true CFL fan in my books.

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The police are not called nor do they make statements regarding twitter claims

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oh I agree Paul, that wasn't really my point however

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We don't believe victims now? The woman who contacted law enforcement and reported the assault of her partner to stadium security is a Bomber season ticket holder for over 20 years "section 140". Unless she's a middle age version of Jussie Smolett. I think it is safe to believe her.


I realise that, sorry. Some things get me pissed.

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…it’s not a point of whether the victim is being believed or not, I never said anything of the like so please don’t put words in my mouth…I said it was a Twitter claim, has nothing to do whether I believe her or not (for the record I do)…


…this is true, it moved beyond Twitter when police spoke to the victim….

2 Likes long as due process is still a right afforded to all citizens, and all claims taken seriously and investigated, scumbags will get what they deserve.


Not really. Green jersey or blue jersey it doesn't matter. Perverts aren't welcome at Mosaic Stadium


Not funny, if this is true think if it was your daughter or your wife... Asshattery has it's place but not with stuff like this


The article clearly says that