Allaccess Card

anyone else having problems registering your card, it says to go to your profile, but I don’t see a thing…

No problems here I used the links in the email they sent about it. The app even seems like it will work well

Don’t use a mobile phone, so called ticket advisor and he registered me. It cost $5.00 and I am to pick up my card today at Ti-Cat store.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


can you send me that link at TY

The link takes me to the all access page.

as I, but nothing about registering my card..WT?

Another brilliant idea by the Cats. No area to register card.


Just called the Ticats and they have no clue and said to call back next week. I Santiago he only one to call. He did say any money on the card was usable without registering.

This link has worked for me logged in and went right to the set up

Then what? I’ve had an allaccess account for 3 years. Went to profile area and no place to enter card number. How did you get to enter you card number? There was once a link on the dashboard to “add access card number?. That was when they started rolling out Allaccess.

Mine automatically completed after I signed in. So no clue. Do you have a my card option under the menu ?


Nothing about card anywhere. I even downloaded the new Allaccess iOS app and nothing there either

Went to two different concessions and the servers didn’t know how to scan and do the bill off my barcode on my phone ! Also had a half cooked hotdog went to guest services same old crappy food service

I downloaded the app as well.

No card option for me either.

Another item on the list. Sad.

No problem getting my card, used it to buy a Masoli crested game shirt and for discount on pizza slices. Fellow next to us could not pick up his card (he had not pre-paid the $5.00, perhaps a reason) but saw a fellow use his to pay for his beer.

So - got my sweater "free" and still have about 20 bucks on the card.