All you printers haters got proven WRONG.

So, LEOFAN and all you other haters, you got your wish, Printers got pulled out due to injury, so pierce comes in HEALTHY, and he plays like shit. He gets a good 3 quarters in, did he throw 300 yards? NO. Did he throw 200 yards? NO. I don't even know if he threw 100. Did he throw a touchdown pass? NO. And Pierce actually had protection, he had a chance to throw with two feet planted, still cant make throws, when Printers is always running from pressure and has to throw across his body and gets good big yardage completions. Pierce has trained all year, Printers got only like a month and has done A LOT better. We need to trade pierce. This proves to show our best QB is Printers, he has played the best and just with only 2 games and a month of training, I know for a fact Printers plays better then Buck, Lulay and Champion, but JJ is pretty good, so I wish he was healthy enough to play in this game. And at least Printers can keep us WITHIN 3 in each game, now DOWN by like 25.. Now Champion is in, and I don't see anything good coming out of the game, now after all of this, if you still say printers is bad leofan, im not sure you want whats best for the lions, i think you only want what you like, but get serious, we all know you don't like printers, but become a real lions fan and realize he is our best chance at winning games. But im done watching the game, cant handle it, lets hope Hamilton beats Winnipeg next week. GO HAMILTON GO! (that sure sounds weird to say)

nothing has been proven yet as far as printers goes

as for buck, he was playing injured and shouldnt have even been dressed.

no, im standing to this opinion, he was healthy, even the coach said so. I dont care if buck only played one game, Printers has only played two, he has played good, and people are still saying he is not good. So if Buck has trained all year, and lost this game, could not even keep it within 3 like casey, he only got 60 YARDS PASSING, so yeah, ima judge and say buck is not our best QB and Printers was our only shot in this game.

WOW.. Geroy SimonFan... control your anger!! Man the season is not over until tomorrow. If the Lions get the crossover hopefully JJ and Lulay are healthy. Nobody wants to see Casey Printers hurt, all I am saying is he is still unproven. Look he had a good year in 2004, but as the Lions coach said back then when in 2005 he had Dickenson as the No. 1, was one year does not make a good QB. My judgement of Mr. Printers is that he was too self centered, sulked and when offered an extension he snubbed the Lions, so I am still not sure he had changed. Unfortunately he got hurt, so we only saw him for 2 games and I can't see an attitude change. What's that saying "a leopard does not change it's spots".

Chill out watch the TC vs BB game tomorrow, cause the Lions might be heading East. The question is more do they deserve to go East after the play this year? Who knows but if we do I will be watching regardless of who plays QB!!

Oh, leo I am sorry, just a bit upset over the loss. But, I thought the point you were trying to say was you just don't like printers and thinks he sucks, instead your trying to say he has not proved himself yet and you still don't know if printers is a guy who still thinks its all about him or the team. I am sorry, I now understand, my apologizes, GO HAMILTON GO! But I did recall you saying trade Printers, I don't think we should, lets see what he can do next season.

Geroy SimonFan:

So when I said trade Printers.. I guess what I should have clarified is we bring them all into camp next year and let's not end up with 5 QB's.... so that means we have to trade ?? I will agree with you that if Casey does show he has changed then fine as long as he proves himself in Training Camp I have no problem keeping him. I think the big mistake he made was taking the MOP too seriously.... he should have stuck around and done some development instead of the route he followed.

yeah, he should of stayed with BC, but oh well, maybe he has changed. We will see next season.

AND leofan, I think its good to keep Printers on the team because it seems our team has more momentum and faith in Printers when he is in, and play better with him in.

Geroyfan, This what fustrates me about you. You tend to have rose colour glasses for certain players. The lions lose you take your fustration out on Buck again. And if you were paying attention Buck was hurt again. Do you even blame the lost on a team effort??
Look nobody wants to see any of our Lions hurt period. Your telling us that JJ is a good QB . Well from the time he's been here he's been at best inconsistant, But you find no flaw in JJ but everything goes wrong on the offensive side its Buck!!!!! Funny how you never really complained about Buck two or three years ago coming in for an injured D.D. In fact some people thought he would be the next Dickenson with his demenour.
Three weeks ago we had a chance of first place without Printers which said alot . You can thank Buck ,JJ, and Lulay for putting our team in a position of First place Geroyfan. What would you have said had we had all three of them healthy leading us to first place. Would you be complaning that we should have started Printers???
ITS A TEAM GAME!!! Quit blaming other players for the loss. We had injuries on the offensive line, Our QB became a mash unit in the last 4 weeks. Our team struggling with the flu.Are you going to blame that on Buck too???
At least Buck and Jarious have one thing that Printers doesn't have right now. A GREY CUP RING.

It certainly is a team game. The only part of the team that held up their side is special teams. Both our O and D failed horribly. Lack of preperation, being out played or no motivation, I dunno but they certainly were schooled out there by a team who has been faltering badly lately.

yeah, got to hand it to our special teams.

if we could give the team a shot with geroysimon's spirit we'd never lose. Keep it up dude you're the man.

"We had injuries on the offensive line, Our QB became a mash unit in the last 4 weeks. Our team struggling with the flu." by lions40

Sounds like a fitting epitaph Lions40. :cry:

I totally agree!!! If Printers was the starter all season we could have lost every game by 3. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anybody know if Lulay might be ready for next week?

Now that's something I do agree with. Even though I often don't agree with you GSF, I like your fighting spirit. And that's what being a fan is all about!

Go Ti-Cats Go! (this weekend only)

lions40 calm down, i just simply said all the haters on printers got proven wrong, and i know its a team game, im not blaming buck, our defense and offense did terrible, im just saying he didn't do as well was printers. And haha yoeleven, lose every game by 3, funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Like, lions40, your right, Travis Lulay, Buck Pierce and JJ have all proven they can win us games. And Printers has proven he is a really good QB. I was just getting a bit ticked of all the Printers haters. I know it is a team game, you can pretty much blame our whole team for this loss except special teams. But yes, we have a shot at this if Hamilton wins with either Lulay, Buck, or JJ, and if Printers can play, then he can also, just anyone but Zac. GO HAMILTON GO, then, GO LIONS GO.

I shall be watching the game on Sunday with great expectations and of course cheering for Hamilton.

I would imagine if Printer's status is one of optimism we can expect him start in the playoffs should Hamilton prevail this Sunday. If Hamilton prevails and Printers cannot play in the semi-final we are done- unless Lulay or Jackson are available. Of course there is always Simons. He is slated to play should Champion also go down. If Geroy does play QB I expect him to open with a 60 yard bomb, furiously run down the field and catch it in full stride. :rockin:

Uberspirit is more like a cult like fanaticism. You can love the Lions AND be critical... the two are not mutually exclusive.

What happened to the Lions this year was a series of events that made the whole season a difficult one for the Lions. From a rebuilding year, to a unprecedented amount of QB injuries that no team in the CFL has ever had to deal with. Some like to call our O-line pylons, but when they played good no one talked about them.

I can say that about other facets of the Lions team as everyone has had ups and downs throughout the season. Even the defensive secondary had good games, but not enough good games. And, it is the last week of the regular season and the defensive play calling still makes me go... Huh?

This is the Lions perfect storm... it can't get any worse and they still have a chance to make the play-offs... pretty amazing if you ask me. Even with that thought, I just want the season to be over and for Wally to regroup and write this season off.

As far as Printers goes... there are haters, there are doubters and there are skeptics... they are not all the same and I've seen all 3 post on this board. The thing with Printers is I think a little more complicated than he is just a jerk. When he left to go to KC Lions fans where not happy, they didn't forget. But, it is OK for Cameron Wake and Logan to jump to the NFL and are still Lions darlings. Why is Printers treated so poorly when he did the exact same thing as Logan and Wake?

Then there was the rumor that he was a cancer to any team he played with. Then there was the whole Hamilton thing that appeared as though Printers was exposed as not that great of a QB because he had little impact with the Ti-Cats. I was on the bandwagon for both of those thoughts. Except when Simon was asked about the trouble Printers causes in the locker room, Simon answered, "What problem?" Apparently his time in BC was not what people would like to believe.

Now he is back and more humble than before and truly wants to make BC a better team. I'll eat my hat and say I was wrong and happily say it if it means that BC will be more stable next year.

Doyo, PERFECT point. Exactly, why do we all think Casey is a jerk when wake and logan were also really good players? Like on this website people even make post of updates on Wake and Logan.

Odd question, but why would Geroy be the next to play QB if Champion went down vs the Eskies? (I too have heard that)

I wonder why Bret Anderson wouldnt have been the next in line? - having been a QB earlier in his career (not in the CFL)