All you Haters - Go Riders

I read a couple of ignorant/arrogant posts made by some idiotic people on this site. It's time for me to post my opinion...obviously about the Riders. Some people are talking about how the Riders were 'lucky' to beat Edmonton 3 weeks ago and 'lucky' to beat BC last night. Well, how about when the Riders gave TO a game (27-26) earlier this year, what about when the Riders handed Ottawa 2 wins, or what about when Buck Pierce came in and squeaked one out against the Riders in week 9? Earlier this year the Riders lost the close games, nobody cared if they gave the other team the win or not, the fact was that the Riders lost. Now that they are winning close's all about how they are "lucky" to win. WHO GIVES A SH|T HOW A TEAM WINS A BALL GAME ????

FACE THE FACTS.....last night, the Riders walked into a hostile BC place environment, after BC lost a big game last week to the unpredictable Eskies. The Riders, without their 2 biggest offensive threats (Dominguez, Keith) walked away with the Win. Even more impressive, the Riders didn't even run the ball for more than some 50 yards (don't quote me on that).

Talk all you guys want, the Riders have won 5 straight games (the last 3 against the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd overall ranked teams)!!!

Watch out next week Montreal!!

Riders Kick~

The poster who you are referring to... has recently had his day pass revoked I dont think he will be saying much...UNLESS he escapes custody....:slight_smile:

As a Montreal fan I have to agree. The Riders are for real, and congratulations on beating B.C. at HOME!

I do fear the Riders. (more so then the Stamps!) so next week will be awsome! Good luck to all.

talk about venting take it easy buddy

goeskgo, let him go he will be just disappointed at the end of the year anyway. Let him spout he deserves it!

really? must have missed it, probably missed the party, but are drinks stil being served?



SASK..........are still a good team when they are all healthy.

They are winning because they are good......AND HEALTHY. With a great running game , defence and they are catching the ball.

  1. blocked field goals are not luck , they are great defence.

  2. The B.C. / SASK game could have gone either way.

    But , in my opinion.........WALLY,  made a HUGE mistake by having an inexperience kicker try to kick a field goal to win the game.So what if the other guy had made NO FGS that night......This was his chance to redeem himself , and all that happened was that 2 of B.C.'s kickers lost their confidence , now.

However.........bad coaching is part of football , and shuting down the CFL'S best offense is NO small thing.

SASK........deserved to win............they have out played many teams latley , including............ my ARGOS. :cry:

I agree Wally does this he loses games with his coaching and that is a fact.

I would have let O'Mahoney kicked that last one personally, he may have missed three but that just means he's due for one. Putting in an inexerienced kicker for a 48 yarder? comeon even an experienced kicker has trouble with kicks that long.

Even going for the first down wouldn't be a bad idea, i seem to remember Pierce bombing it down the field earlier. I was cheering for the Riders, but i still know a bonehead decision when i see it.

Well not 100% healthy, the star running back KK was out and a key D man Benny was also out, but yes much bettter than having 7 or 8 out.

Riders4eva, congrats to sask for the win and their streak. They seem to be hot right now; however, i suggest you calm down just a little bit.... :slight_smile:

I know what Riders4eva is talking about. It's the same on TSN's boards. When the Riders lost, we got it in the neck from Wpg, Edm fans especially. When they won, they were lucky or the refs were biased. If B.C. were better than Sask then they shouldn't have let Green put 28 up on the board.
Putting O'Mahoney in to kick that last field goal wouldn't have mattered, it would have been blocked anyway.....crappy o line coverage.

I said this before,I will say it again.
Riders you could have the best team in the league.However you will not win the cup.
I have seen it all my life.Well maybe not 1989.Until you guys win a cup.Your just an average team.
You guys are playing good football.You even beat my Argos.You guys won't get any respect from me until you win the cup.

Man that feels good!!!

What. ! Two weeks in a row beating both teams that were in the Grey Cup last year. Two blocked Field Goals in three games. In the first half, the lions scored one touchdown and punted the ball 6 times in 7 drives. C'mon, that's respectful.


Turk, pay up, it's flat!

Turk is a jerk! j/k mate! I couldn't resists! 8)

We did well, considering the amount of dropped passes by our less than stellar receiving corps.

Thurmon made up for his drops, but really, some of those were just bad.

Can you image how much better the passing game will be when Dominguez gets back? Or is he lost for the season? I can't remember, but I thought he at least had a chance to be back this year.

Maybe we can get Szarka in for more than three plays this week too, that would be neat.

Add to that an unbelievable no yards call, which really hurt the team.
I'd like to get the CFL referee to comment on that.

Is this not funny but have noticed there are more rider fans showing up now on this site! Where were they during the silde. Hmmm thats right they were working!

Saskargo that must of felt good!