All-You-Can-Eat Ticket Package for Tomorrow's game

Great Deal for tomorrow's game from

Today's buy also includes 1 Beer ticket for a Domestic, Premium or Imported Bottle selection.

All You Can Eat Menu

Baskets of Popcorn

Nachos and Salsa

Sweet and Tangy Cole Slaw

Chicken Tenders with Plum and BBQ Sauces on the side

Stadium Hot Dogs with Gourmet Buns and all the Trimmings

Pepperoni and Vegetarian Pizza

Where are the seats?
and can you see the field from the restaurant?

I've never seen a football game from the restaurant as I have season tickets. I've been to the Jays game in the restaurant and it was a great view. I believe it's just below the jumbotron.

Here is a link to the restaurant ... elines.jsp

And I have nothing to do with Team Buy....I just follow them on twitter they have a new deal everyday. Thought you guys would be interested in this one.

If this is in Windows Restaurant it is a good view of the field. I remember being there for a Argo/Als playoff game back in 97.
Can still see Pinball taking that opening kickoff back for a TD.

Unfortunatly it's now gone...They only post the deal for 24 hours. I don't think it went through anyway. They need 10 people to purchase it in order for the deal to work. And at 10pm there were only 2 buys.

That's really too bad. I thought it was a great deal.