All white = Bad game

Every time this team has worn all white on the road this year we have been thumped.

Bad luck?

Road = Bad Game

Every time we even decide to play a game on the road, we lose :frowning:

Yes but my point is that in the ones we wear all white we get blown out. Most of the other game we are at least somewhat competitive.

I'm not really superstitious.. just making an observation.

Interesting observation Zen. Kinda like when we wore all black at home.

Hmm. To summarize your above points...
We seem to be having trouble in games wearing black and white...
Thanks for that!

lol....the I liked the end of the TSN Broadcast that showed the last 3 years and all the road wins and losses (including yesterday). Apparently we've won less than 7% of all games we've played on the road. That statistic was just mind-boggling.