all west Grey Cup

Wow the Stamps are good. BC is good again. Edmonton is better. Maybe a lot better. I hope the Riders do this. Finish 1st or 4th. 1st place in west is easiest way to get back to the cup. The east crossover is next easiest. This might happen this week. Riders beat Montreal. BC beats Winnipeg. Edmonton beats Toronto. If all 4 east teams lose. All 4 ways teams get closer to making playoffs. We could have this. An all west Grey Cup in Montreal.

It's still way premature. None of the teams in the East are terrible from what I've seen, Hamilton with Lumsden is a totally different team and Winnipeg will come around eventually.

Calgary is 3-1. If BC beats Winnipeg 2-2. If Riders beat Montreal 4-0. If Edmonton beats Toronto 3-1. I think they will. I think BC and Calgary and Edmonton and Riders all win 9. Do you think this? If Winnipeg goes 0-4 they will win 9? If Argos lose to Edmonton. They will be 1-3. Will the Argos win 8 of last 14 games? I say no. And Hamilton may not win but 7 games.

All 4 west teams will make the playoffs.

Lotta ifs there dont ya think?

If memory serves me right, Argonauts were 2-6 before going 9-1. Anything can change in this game

An all west GreyCup is very possible with the way things are looking right now. but lets not forget, its still very early in the season.

I'll say like most. It's way too early to be saying that.

Montreal doesn't look bad at all.

Hamilton doesn't look bad at all, with Lumsden.

Toronto can still turn things around. They have all the talent in the world, but I think right there's 2 teams. Team Bishop against Team Joseph, and almost everyone is on Team Bishop, and they have vocalized it as well. Doesn't help Joseph.

Winnipeg, I've said mean things about them in the past, but I will defend them right now. They haven't looked that bad as their record shows, and I think this will be a different team when Milt comes into the lineup.

While an all west final is a possibility. It is definitely to early to even think that way.

Clearly, BC lost both of their divisional games. They have 8 more to go, that could be a challenge. Edmonton and Calgary split theirs, still another 8 to go. While Sask won both of theirs they weren't convincing wins. The west is still wide open. But I see more parity in the west early this year. I would be surprised if the west teams end up close most spliting the year around 5 and 5.

The east it is more difficult to predict, is Hamilton a true contender, difficult to say. With Montreal they are an older team can they last season. Winnipeg is in a funk...if they win a couple and then take a few from Western team they could cause some problems. I even look at Toronto to take a few from the western teams.

Very early to predicting an all west grey cup.

I agree mike, way to early to predict an all West GC. The season is still very young and teams can turn their seasons around in a hurry.