All-Time Tiger-Cat Team

I didn't see the game or any discussion about the Tiger-Cat greats.
So, did Grover get in? Paul? Ozzy? Al? Ben? Mike & Joe? the other Mike & Joe?

Ticats all-time team

Ralph Sazio

QB: Danny McManus
RB: Willie Bethea, Troy Davis
WR: Garney Henley, Earl Winfield, Rocky DiPietro, Darren Flutie
OC: Marwan Hage
OG: Bill Danychuk, Ellison Kelly
OT: Dave Hack, John Barrow

DT: Angelo Mosca, John Barrow
DE: Joe Montford, Grover Covington
LB: Bob Krouse, Ben Zambiasi, Markeith Knowlton
Dbs: Garney Henley, Paul Bennett, Rob Hitchcock, Don Sutherin, Less Browne
Special teams

K/P Paul Osbaldiston
KR: Earl Winfield

I agree with almost all of the choices. But I have to disagree with the choice for QB. Either Faloney or Zuger would have been a better selection in my opinion. Not too surprising, I guess, as I expected a bias to recent players. There are a couple of others selected that I think benefited from that bias as well. I still wonder if there were any unanimous selections. But all in all, a pretty good selection.

My old man said Sazio was the best coach, I voted for Al Bruno.
Danny Mac? WTF? Zuger won games singlehandedly, without Fluties coattails to ride on.
Troy was a warrior.
WR I voted for Earl, Stapler, Rocky & I forget.
Sanderson was a beast for almost two decades in the centre. Hage? Yeah, okay.
Phillbrick, I hoped he would get in, Hamilton boy who was choppin' them down for ages.
Grover & Joe, no guff.
I remember a game were they ran out of ambulances because of the carnage that Paul Bennett unleashed that day.
Hitch, Earl, Ozzy, the best you will see in a lifetime.

If you're going all-time, you need to include some discontinued positions.

Middle guard: Vince Scott.
Tight end: Tommy Joe Coffey.

And even if you lump all the wide receivers together, Hal Patterson belongs there.

I was surprised that Prince Hal didn't make it. I thought he should be on there and not Flutie. That might be my only real complaint. I think the team was pretty well represented by players from all eras.

danny mac was nothing without flutie, both before and after.

Flutie deserves to be there, Danny does not.

Darren made Danny's career.

I kinda wish Champion had made the cut.

Ah, FYB. I figured Spinner's McManus/Flutie comment would draw you into the discussion.

Spinner: Interesting to hear that Zuger won games single-handedly. Even with teammates like Henley, Patterson, Barrow, Bethea, Coffey, and other Hall-of-Famers ... it was the QB winning games all by himself. I'll have to take your word for it I guess, since it was before I was born.

I don’t think you can say one made the other because they played with one another for so long. It’s like saying Jerry Rice made Joe Montana (or Steve Young) or vice versa. They played together so long that it is impossible to say who made who. Is Flutie a better receiver than McManus a quarterback? Maybe. But one thing that needs to be taken into account is where a guy had most of his success. I don’t view Flutie as an all-time Tiger-Cat, whereas I do McManus. Out of the 16 players up for receiver, Flutie was nowhere near one of the top four (Winfield, Henley, DiPietro, Coffey, Paterson, Grant, Champion were all more deserving); McManus’ only real competition at QB was Bernie Faloney. In my opinion, this was not a team that should be made up of the just the best players to wear a Ti-Cat uniform, but the ones that were the best while also being synonymous with the team (it’s why Tony Gabriel shouldn’t have been on the team since he’s rightly viewed more as a Rough Rider). Flutie doesn’t meet those criteria; McManus does.

Yeah, Champion.
Another long time beast.
Flutie is one of the greatest of all time, but he wasn't here for very long.

That DM sucked in wpg and in ham after DF says a lot about who made who.

my sentimental fav receivers are Winfield, DiPietro, Flutie, Champion, and now add Williams.

also, DF was a ticat as long as less browne was

Danny? Nah. Not a bad QB at all... well, except for his running! But ALL-TIME? Nope. Zuger... heck, I'd put him in for his quick kicks alone. THEY turned around games single footedly. :slight_smile:

This one is a case of players from an earlier era being discounted simply because of who's doing the voting. Same with Patterson. HE was before my time but I trust those who saw him in his prime. He'd be on my list.

While most of these guys were assembled in one place did anyone video any interviews? I certainly hope so 'cause that would be a disk worth buying.

Interviews interspersed with their great play and crowd shots. Crowd shots from downtown when the team was headed to the Grey Cup. Renditons of 'Sazio' (spoken to tune Ringo ) and even the one out of Winnipeg 'Hang down your head Ralph Sazio (Tom Dooley)'.

Here's hoping

McManus only played in Hamilton three years after Flutie. One was the bankruptcy year in which everyone stunk. The 2004 season, McManus threw for over 5,000 yards and a then franchise record 29 TD passes. In 2005, he was 40 and clearly past his prime. His time in Winnipeg was at the beginning of his career and using that against him is like using Calvillo's time in Hamilton against him.

Less Browne entered the league as a Tiger-Cat and spent more time with Hamilton than he did with any other team. Flutie spent five years in Hamilton, but he also spent five years with the Lions. And maybe Browne shouldn't have been on the team, but a lot of my disagreement with Flutie being on the team is that there were more deserving players at his position. Hal Paterson, Tommy Grant, Tony Champion and Tommy Joe Coffey were all more deserving than Flutie. When you look at McManus' competition at QB, it was really only Faloney. Perhaps Faloney should have made the team, but both were darn good QBs for the Tiger-Cats.

But this shouldn't be about McManus vs. Flutie because one making the team wouldn't have happened at the expense of the other; they weren't up against one another. Flutie made it in over A LOT of players who were better as Tiger-Cats than Flutie was. McManus won the vote over Faloney. If Faloney had made the team, I would have agreed with that pick too.

Danny Mac called his own number 3 times on the Montreal 1yard line in the 2000 EDF for the victory.
He bounced off like a grandma.
Never seen a quarterback not give a crap about another INT or hog the ball like that guy.

Not giving a crap about another INT was one of Danny Mac's best qualities. Compare to the stupid melodrama of Jason Maas every time he threw a pick. I'll take the QB with ice in his veins every time. The most important play is the next play.

And for pure entertainment value, nothing was better than Danny Mac's annual running of the naked bootleg, which tended to be successful because it got zero respect.

I accept that Zuger or Faloney may have been better choices, but Danny's unflappability was a good thing.

Not complaining abou the choices/selections as all are very deserved honourees. Guess I was just surprised at a few things.

Tony Champion not making the list. Thought this would be a lock given his playing era coincides with what I believe was the bulk of fans voting. Perhaps the numbers got “fudged”? Issues between Tony & the TiCats are well documented.

Darren Flutie was a surprise. Agree with other posters that many others like Patterson & Grant were more deserving. Was surprised not to see Flutie at the ceremony. Heard rumours that he can’t enter Canada due to a tax issue.

Was somewhat surprised that multiple players got selected in two positions. Henley, Barrow, Winfield, Ozzy. I personally voted specifically in order to get as many in as possible. Ie; Henley @ DB. Winfield @ KR. Barrow @ DT. Thus opening up positions at other spots.

Great seeing all the legends out there nonetheless. Brought back many fond memories.

Thanks to the Cats for a great final game experience for my son and a minor football player...Wearing # 31...he escorted one of my favorite players to the field. Ben Zambiazi was a great line backer and was a true gentleman with my son ...

For the all time team without Faloney and Coffee....not sure about that.

The All-Time Defence has 3 safeties(Bennett, Henley, and Hitchcock). I assumed that when voting, you picked one player for each position. Perhaps I didn’t read the fine print. I think Henley would have gotten the most votes at safety. A team without Faloney and Patterson doesn’t make sense to me. I love Oz but Zuger was the best punter we ever had. Oz was the best fieldgoal kicker. Our best centre wasn’t even on the voting list, Gene Ceppetelli.
I think the fan involvement in this goodnews exercise was great and like everything else in life, there will be disagreements. Congratulations to all the players chosen and to the loyal TiCat fans who took the time to vote with their hearts. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Pat, I agree with you completely about the missing players. I would have had Tommy Grant in there too.