I remember the old site had an Alpha list of all players who ever wore Ticat Colours..

if the list is somewhere else on the new site, please help me find it

if it has been removed
call me old fashioned... I dare ya- but MR WEBMASTER AND MR CARETAKER...
dont you think it has continuing relevance to the fans..?

wth- how else would anyone remember woo woo wooster, dewey lincoln, howard starks and that all time favourite of mine...

why naturally

Smokey Stover ex KC Chief and the mainstay of Hamiltons own doomsday defense...

I would appreciate the thoughts and input of my many erstwhile (look it up) peers, :lol:

8) Ahh yes, Stewart "Smokey" Stover, what a great MLB he was for sure. I know he only played a few games with us and then retired after that 67 season, but what a dominating linebacker he was for sure !!
 I was at that 67 Grey Cup game in Ottawa, to watch the best Defence in TiCat history easily win that  game.

 Freezing cold day and a frozen field  !!!

 Still remember the late Ted Watkins scoring that big touchdown on the pass from Joe Zuger  !!!     <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->


i feel home again :smiley:

Ah yes, Smokey Stover. He replaced my phys ed teacher at the time. I was at Ancaster High School and my gym teacher was Gene Donaldson. We were all shocked when Gene was released by the Cats for some guy named Smokey.

Does anyone know where Gerry McDougall is to-day? Played for the Cats from '57 to '62 and '65. The Ti-Cats, the Ti-cat Alumni, Toronto Alumni and the San Diego Chargers can't locate him. Great player, held a number of Ti-cat records.