all time td record

barring some serious injury, which will hopefully never occur, stegall should be breaking this record in the near future. I was looking at the schedule and I think Hamilton fans may get to witness yet another milestone record set in their park this year. I hope it happens sooner but I call the hamilton game to be the one that breaks it. Hey ticat fans need some reason to keep coming out to the games.

well i hope they dont stop the game for this, Hamilton will use that as there excuse for not winning. :stuck_out_tongue:

I say the record will be set against montreal, and hopefully during the home game :rockin:

he needs 2 the tie the record and 3 to breack it right?

It is a great record , and I think the game should be stopped.

yeah, they did it for Allen, do it for Stegail too!

I'd say if he breaks it at home, you absolutely stop the game; on the road, meh, it does become a perfect excuse for whatever team it is if they lose

Wouldn't it be more poetic if Milt ended his career in a three-way tie with Reed and Pringle?


Sure it would. Think of how astronomical the odds would have to be against a 3-way deadlock when you're talking about such a high number. It would create a certain sense of harmony between CFL past and present.

(Anyway, it's about time the Bombers spread the load around a bit. We saw what happened when they found themselves too dependent on one receiver.)

Remember that Pringle had games to break the record, but couldn't do it. Could someone have put a hex on the record so it cannot be broken, but equalled?

Yeah a witch did it right after she put a spell on my car that turned it into an elephant and another on my brother that turned him into a giraffe.

must make for some interesting family gatherings

Milt will break the record. He's the only reciever they've got. It's not the same as with Pringle, where Edmonton had lots of options to get into the endzone. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it happened on the 29th with the Als in town. I think that would be the best time for it anyway, get it done at home.

if there’s any player that deserves to break the TD record, it is Stegall!

Playing for 1 team your whole career and playing hard! it’s awesome!

Pringle betrayed us by going to the Esks… thank GOD he didn’t break it!

Betrayed Saskatchewan?? How so?

UMm yeah we were 5-2 and dominating when we were dependent on him, and before he went down.

......if Milt doesn't make it this weekend I will stand and applaude the Stamps Defense....if Milt does reach the goal this weekend I will stand and applaude his accomplishment.....looks like I'm standing and applauding this weekend.....

Not Saskatchewan..

The fans who Likes Pringle, that also hate Edmonton!

he was my favorite player until he went to the Esks.. betrayal

Ah sit down you make the place look ugly! :lol: