All-time TD passing record

I was sort of half paying attention when they showed Burris in the All-Time TD Passing record. Did they say Flutie holds the record for most TDs passed with 140? Doesn't that seem just a tad low? I mean, doesn't Milt Stegall have more TD receptions than that, like 142+...? :expressionless:

Does anyone know what that graphic was? Apparently it wasn't all-time passing TDs. I just added up Ray's, and he has 146. I added up Burris' and he has 164.

So what was that graphic? :?

All-time Calgary TD tossers...

OK. That makes more sense. :oops: :lol: Thanks.

Damon Allen holds the all time record with 394
Lancaster is second with 333
Calvillo is third with 316