All time tackling leader

I agree Crash . I’ll paraphrase Hawk Harrelson of the White Sox - You can put him on the wall … YES !

Pat Lynch ( the old person)

I believe they were playing fewer games, each season in the 60s and 70s; so Simoni would get to the record faster even if the greats of the past currently had more tackles.

Simoni currently leads the league in tackles in 2019. I wonder when was the last time a SAM LB won the tackle race, instead of a MLB? (Not to mention a SAM LB who sat out two games for … reasons I can’t quite recall at the moment.)

Great season overshadowed by a fan base and it’s media.

And some in other media too timid to challenge that Prider narrative because praising Lawrence might look like they’re condoning head shots or something or other.