All Time Roster

I was looking at the website's all time roster and noticed quite a few, very notable exemptions. After further looking, the "All Time Roster", isn't all time at all as the team has been around a lot longer than the early 90's. Seeing ommissions such as Winfield, Dipietro, Covington, Ruoff, Stapler, Browne and more and more of the greatest Ticats from earlier days, well I'm sorry, but it just doesn't fly with me. I'm hoping that this part of the website is still a work in progress, because with as much history as this team has, leaving off any of the players who played from the earliest days, up until the 80's is just a travesty.

can you someone help me out for ticats mediaguide and yearbook is game notes going to on ticats .ca

Here is Campbell Blake's update on the all-time roster issue:

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