All Time Roster ???

Checking under the History category, I punched up the 'All Time Roster'.
What I found were names of players who have been here only since 1995.
Where are Barrow,Henley, Sazio, and the other greats?

What kind of an ALL TIME list goes back only 12 years? On the old site we had a list that included over 1200 names. Sure, it was unwieldy, and didn't lend itself to going into depth on personal info. But, at least, the players were recognized.

Would somebody at the very least be honest, and remove the 'All Time' from that section. Some of us do have memories of greats that go back further than 12 years.

I think you should post a list Wilf to educate the younger generation.
Can't think of too many "Greats" in the last 12 years who could hold a candle to some of those power house teams coached by Jim Trimble and Ralph Sazio.

In both 2005 and 2006 I obtained a copy of the Tiger Cats' Yearbook. Both editions included the All-time roster, as well as Tiger Cats' all-time Eastern all-star selections, All-Canadians, Award winners and nominees (back to 1955), the team's Grey Cup history (wins and losses), and bios on Wall of Honour honourees and Hall of Fame members who wore the black and gold. Well worth an investment of (I think) $10 or $12.

Here is a lonk that can be used to see the enitre all-time roster in its former format while the new one is being updated. Hope all is well.