All Time Records

Reading Stala's By The Numbers article, I was looking at the All Time Records list. How's this one for ironic:

Single Game Passing Yards

Name YDS Opponent Location Date
Anthony Calvillo 542 MTL MTL Oct. 25, 1996

96 isn't that long ago. I remember that game vividly. He actually had two 500+ yard games in 96.

....but he never showed any potential when he played for the Tiger-Cats. He simply stunk and was run right out of town by the majority of the Tiger-Cat faithful. :roll: :roll: :roll:

He was run out of town by Ron Lancaster with the help of the advice of Russ Jackson! No doubt he should have been kept to learn under Danny MacManus. The little General really blew it on that one, he didn't make many mistakes but that was one for sure.

Calvillo didn't want to play here, the fans hated him and he wanted a fresh start