All-Time Records

Is there a website somewhere that has a list of the ALL-Time individual career records?

Ex. Who has the most Rushing Yards in CFL history?

Ex. Who has the most Kiking Points in CFL history?

I've looked around the site and I don't see this.

I Tivo'd the Grey Cup and it was GREAT!!!


I have looked many times but never found anything.
You would think they would be available here

TSN's football section has some individual records. At the bottom there is an orange box and click on archives and you'll find the information there.

The CFL won't make them available on its website, because it sells the record book. They wouldn't make any money out of the book if the info was available for free...

It is frustrating, you can't even find a player's year by year career stats like you can so easily in other sports.

The stats feature was promised in May. They said it would appear on the site while the season was underway.

Yet, another broken dream.