All-Time Pro Football Records

Everytime I log on to, I see at the top of the page that Terry Vaughn set a new career record of 973 passes caught, that Damon Allen need 1217 passing yards to break Warren Moon's combined record (NFL and CFL) for passing yardage (the NFL record is by Dan Marino of 61,450 yards or something close to that), and that Milt Stegall is four touchdowns short of the CFL record jointly held by George Reed and Mike Pringle.
I bring this up because if you really want to talk about some records and the greatest receiver in the history of Professional Football, you only need to talk about one man, and that would be Jerry Rice. His totals will astound you; he is the all-time leader in receptions with 1549 (Chris Carter is second with 1101), he is first in total yardage with 22,895 (I think Chris Carter or Tim Brown is second here), and he is first in touchdowns scored with 208 (197 TD passes, 10 rushing TD's, and 1 TD by return of a punt, missed FG, or kick-off). Emmett Smith is second here with 176.
Jerry Rice is not in the NFL Hall-of-Fame yet, but when the standard 5-year waiting period is over, he's a guaranteed first ballot inductee. Not bad for a guy from a small school in Mississippi, known as Mississippi Valley State.
You can see these records for yourself by going to, then click on history on the left side of the page, then click on the Record and Fact Book and go to the records you want to see. Just wanted you guys to know the we Americans and NFL fans play a pretty good brand of football south of the Canadian-American border too.

The best players always come from schools in Missisippi. Dan better watch out cause Brett will get his TD record this year. I don't need the web-site to get your point

No doubt, Jerry Rice was absolutely phenomenal in his day.

But I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that pretty much everyone who reads this site is well aware of the kind of numbers he put up over his career. It's pretty hard to go about daily life in Canada and not be bombarded with NFL news - even if we only read Canadian papers and watch Canadian TV news.

You do realise that other than Allen's record, they are CFL records?

Yes I am also pretty sure that everyone who goes onto this site it well aware of Jerry Rice. I would go so far as to say that Jerry Rice should be considered in any discussion of the greatest football players of all time. I think that wide receiver is the ONLY position where you can say that one player was SO MUCH BETTER than any other player ever to play his position. It is the only position where there can be NO debate over who was the greatest of all time.

I do agree with both your comments devastator and RO1313, and my reason for making them was purely because they were put up on the top of the home page.
I also want to say when Damon Allen does break the all-time passing yardage total, that will also be a really amazing record and one all CFL fans should be proud of.
I have one question, since I know Damon Allen is Marcus Allen's brother (Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, about 14 seasons or so). Was Damon Allen ever drafted by the NFL, and if so by whom? Did it not work out for him, or was he drafted by the CFL and just decided he loved it so much in Canada that he stayed forever. I'm asking because I wonder if it was similiar to Warren Moon and how he wasn't drafted by the NFL in 1978, which to this day I still don't understand. If anyone knows, please share the information with me, because I'd like to know too.

Well sure they are on the top of the CFL page! This is the site for the CFL.

I highly doubt that if Dammon Allen breaks Moons all-time record for passing the official NFL site will mention it at all!

I don't know if he was drafted by any NFL team but he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 1984 and sighed with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1993 but decided to continue playing football.

I may have just given someone more ammo!

test post lolz…ive been away for a while =)

USAspike6, the reason they don't say a word about Rice's records here is the same reason they don't post Lance Armstrong won six Tour de France: it is irrelevant in CFL context.

Everybody love Rice, but he never played a minute in this league (and I am pretty sure he never even attended a game) so why would he have his records posted in here?... Moon and Allen have both been CFLers, so then you can compare them...

No, Allen was never drafted by a NFL team. He came out of college and went straight to the Eskimos. He was too small for the NFL, when he came out of college I think he tipped the scales at 170lbs. Not what the NFL would consider their type of QB.

…just a point here, but spike didn’t actually say that Rice’s stats should be posted here, he just mentioned that in comparison to CFL receiver stats Rice’s are impressive…

Thank you RedandWhite, I was showing how impressive Jerry Rice's records are in comparison to everyone else. Eventually they will be broken, but for one person to have all of those in Professional Football is unbelieveable.

One more note, I never said Jerry Rice's records should be displayed on the CFL website or their record book, just like Damon Allen's all-time passing yardage record when he attains it won't be shown in the NFL record book. The NFL record will still be Dan Marino at 61,450 yards or whatever is the exact number. The all-time record will belong to Damon Allen, and it will be a long time before anybody from either league breaks it.

Of course, longevity helps get an unbeatable record. Had Ted White played 21 seasons, his interceptions thrown record would make him a legend to the end of times.