All-time play-by-play announcers and colour commentators

Partly because Farhan Lalji just called a CFL game, and partly for fun, I have started to put together a list of all the play-by-play guys who have ever called CFL games on TV, and colour commentators. Here are the lists as they stand now. I have doubtless missed some obvious names and there are probably errors in the list of networks. Would welcome any additions or corrections (and suggest everyone resist the natural impulse to turn this into another "Black sucks/Walby sucked" thread.

I'm grateful to the research done by Paul Patskou at ... Years.html.

Play by play
Steve Armitage CBC
Rod Black TSN
Don Chevrier CBC
Chris Cuthbert CBC-TSN
Steve Douglas CBC
Johnny Esaw CTV
Dave Hodge CFN
Bob Irving CFN
Dale Isaac CTV
Farhan Lalji TSN
Mark Lee CBC
Pat Marsden CTV
Norm Marshall CBLT
Gord Miller TSN
Dave Randorf TSN
Ted Reynolds CBC
Paul Romanuk TSN
Fred Sgambati CBC
Rod Smith TSN
John Wells CBC-TSN
Don Wittman CBC

Colour commentary
David Archer CBC
Nick Bastaja CFN
Leo Cahill CBC
James Curry CBC
Matt Dunigan TSN
Chuck Ealey CBC
Darren Flutie CBC
Duane Forde TSN
Greg Frers CBC
Russ Jackson CBC
Khari Jones CBC
Dan Kepley CBC
Ron Lancaster CBC
Tom Larscheid CFN
Neil Lumsden CFN
Danny McManus TSN
Bob Moir CBC
Larry O'Bren CBLT
Leif Pettersen CTV-TSN
Frank Rigney CTV
Dick Shatto CBC
Glen Suitor TSN
Mike Wadsworth CTV
Chris Walby CBC

well, I can tell you who is NOT #1.. or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5... and on.

Rod black. :roll:

There's more in these two articles (scroll), but some are mentioned in the first OP post.

Play by play: Gord Miller or Chris CutHbert

Colour: Ron Lancaster (or Leif Pettersen)

Can't stand Rod Black. Farhan wasn't that good either.

they need to hold an audition for some new blood.

Cuthbert is great.. but he's only got so long before he retires or starts to forget stuff. :wink:

there are some amazing talented people out there that have a lot of enthusiasm but knowledge.

hey, I'll try! hehehehehe

I guess it is just too tempting to ignore this suggestion:

For me, Pat Marsden, Leo Cahill, Ron Lancaster team, hands down.

Actually, I think it was Wittman with Lancaster and Cahill. Marsden was CTV but was the best of the bunch IMO. For laughs, and good insight, always liked the other 3 together.

In my view the best play by play guys are the ones who stick to the game. They call the plays with the proper amount of inflection, correct all of their mistakes with humility, and don't interject too much nonsense. There have been a lot of good ones and some would say a lot more bad ones, I am not sure if that was Farhan's first time doing the cfl, it was the first time I heard him, but I felt he did a fair enough job. He kept it simple which was his main advantage I thought. I'd like to hear him again.

I go with Whitman. Not only for his CFL days, but the coverage of the Olympics (the Donovan Bailey and Simon Whitfield calls)

Pretty sure it was his first CFL game… although I think he has done quite a few games for local football. As I noted in another thread he seemed pretty nervous to get things rolling. All things aside, a fresh voice is always nice!

I liked Whitman also; However I do remember the old days when I followed the Stampeders on these play by play guys; from 1962-73 - Johnny Esaw/Al McCann and sideline reporter Pat Marsden.

I remember Marsden from the 70's and early 80's. I couldn't stand him. I would turn the sound off and listen to music while watching games rather than listen to his inane comments.

I agree with Starbuck, 2 of the best were Lancaster and Pettersen. Two of the most knowledgable commentators and they kept their commentary relevent to the game and even play you were watching.