All time pass reception leaders??? who are they

Recently an article said Ben Cahoon passsed Rocky Depietro to become the 8th all time passs receiver in cfl history.

I have done so many web searches to find out the all time ranking. I am missing two.

1st. Terry Vaughn 1002 catches
2nd Darren Flute 971
3rd Alan Pitts 966

Ray Elgaard has 830
Milt Stegal has 786

  1. Ben Cahoon has 720
  2. Rocky Depietro has 706

I am missing two players;

Not sure of James Murphy's final numbers?

Anyone know the answer - or a site that might have it?


No answers, no sites but I know a book that WOULD have it. The annual CFL factbook. No, I do not own it for quick reference, but I should.

here you go....

In 2004, the Bombers' legend became the franchise leader in receptions, surpassing James Murphy with his 574th reception. The following year, he finished atop the league in majors again with 17 and established another league mark with 129 career touchdown receptions.

Im assuming Murphy had 573 + 2 in the NFL with the Bengals for 575 career.


Don Narcisse is #4 with 919.
Now it is bugging me who else is missing.....

I am not sure, but I am going to throw Tommy Joe Coffey out there as a potential #10.
He had 650 receptions.
Best I can think of so far....

edit: I guess that doesn't help you because you're looking for someone from 4-7...
I'll keep thinking...

Derrel Mitchell.

Thanks for the help - I rememebr when Rocky became #1 - so it had to be a newer player. Now that I have #1 - 9, I am trying to figiure out #10.

Wish the cfl would keep their all time leaders somewhere for fans to look at.

Don’t discount Tommy Joe for #10.
Pretty sure he was number one at one time.
And he is only 50+ back of the current #9.

But yes, the CFL does a terrible job of keeping their fans informed.
If a guy played one down of football in the NFL, I can likely find everything about him.
But a hall of fame player like Tommy Joe Coffey, and the CFL website gives us this:

Elected as a Player, June 25, 1977. Seven times an All-Canadian All-Star, four times an Eastern All-Star and three times a Western All-Star, the Pass Receiver-Kicker finished with 10,320 yards on pass receptions and 971 points. After two seasons with Edmonton, T.J. left football in 1961 but returned to shine for the Eskimos (1962-66), Hamilton (1967-72) and Toronto (1973) before retiring in 1973.
Notice the absence of his reception total. I found that somewhere else...

1st. Terry Vaughn 1002 catches
2nd Darren Flute 971
3rd Allen Pitts 966
4th Don Narcisse 919
5th Ray Elgaard 830
6th Darrell Mitchell 815
7th Milt Stegall 786
8th Ben Cahoon 720
9th Rocky DiPietro 706
10th Mike Clemons 682

Think thats that...


You forgot that great catch Pinball made on the sidelines a couple of years ago as a coach! LOL

You know what's funny? You look at some of these numbers, and you think, "Wow, Milt Stegall only has 786 catches. That seems low." But it's really not when you consider he only averages about 60 catches a season.

Maybe it's just me... :lol: has a nice CFL records section at the bottom of the right side on the CFL page.

Oddly, the numbers are slightly different than those posted above:

1,006 Terry Vaughn
972 Darren Flutie

That was sweet! I laughed when I watched that one lol

I hadn't even considered any RBs.
Good on the Pinball.

One of the things that makes Stegal so amazing is his yards and TDs per catch, and the ridiculous number of TDs over 40 yards.
The guy is money.