All time offensive Skill Position team

If you had to pick your all time “skill-position? team, who’d be on it.?

Skill Positions:
2 Slot Backs
3 Wide Receivers

QB: Warren Moon ( I know , I know… Doug Flutie)
RB: Mike Pringle
Slots: Ben Cahoon, Darren Flutie
Wide Receivers: Mervyn Fernandez, George McGowan, Milt Stegall.

I would like to play this game, but I cant remember whether certain receivers played slot back or wide. Many played a little of both I think.

ya…just play 5 receivers…just play. like nike says

qb - Flutie, of course
RB - pinball, just for the excitement
Bulldozer FB- sean millington. (I really wanna be able to say Bo Jackson)
sbwr - Fernandez, Winfield, Flutie, Stegal, DePietro

hard to do this without being biased for personal favorites.

Qb - Cfl’s all time greatest player Jackie Parker
Rb - Norm Quong, Rollie Myles
Fb - Johnnie Bright
Wr/Sb - T.J. Coffee, George McGowan, Brian Kelly, Hughie Campbell, Terry Evanshan

given offensive skill positions are anything but offensive line and OL line is 5…that leaves 7 choices.

yeah, but players rotate. sometime 4 recievers and 2 back, sometimes 5 and 1, sometimes 6 and 0, In which case, we are missing a reciever :wink: :cowboy:

sigh …just choose 7.

I'd like to play this game but I grew up during the 'dark ages' of the Montreal Concorde and no Als franchise until 1996. I didn't start following CFL football again until 2002. So my list would basically be comprised of players from the past eight years.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

ok, for real

fernandez, stegall, pitts, vaughn, flutie