All-time list of CFL players in NFL?

Is there an all-time list of CFL players who've spent time in the NFL (e.g., Mike Vanderjagt, Rocket Ismail), or vice-versa, NFL players who spent time in the CFL?

I've searched the website, and it does a good job of describing the NFL experience of current CFL players, but I was hoping for a more comprehensive list going back to the beginning.

It would be a huge list. A list of notables would be much easyier. A good rule of thumb is that almost every Canadian player has not been in the NFL while almost every American has spend some time, sometimes only pre-season, on a NFL roster. With a few exceptions of course.

While it would be a huge list of NFL players who played in the CFL, it is a much smaller list of CFL players who went on to play in the NFL. I think that list will be surprisingly small, with the exception of the 94-95 Baltimore Stallions which had about nine players go on to play in the NFL.

I doubt there is any formal lists, but there are probably many of threads about this topic on this site, and in the archive threads of

I don't know the rules re: how many "imports" a team is allowed to have, but I realized as soon as I posted my question that such a list would be huge indeed.

Maybe I need to concentrate on the smaller list of CFLers who've played in the NFL -- thanx to both of you for your help.

You'd still have a large list of CFLers who played in the NFL. A more manageable list might be Canadians who played in the NFL.

Lets make our own list.

I will start with the 3 biggest, IMO

Joe Theisman
Warren Moon
Doug Flutie



I'd add Bruce Clark, Nick Harper, Terrence Wilkins, Jon Ryan, Joe Kapp, Marc Boerichter off the top of my head.

Lawrence Tynes, Kenton Keith, Yo Murphy, Derek Armstrong, Juran Bolden to list a few more.

Harry Holt.

Chuck Klingbeil.

Charles Thomas.

Fred Childress.

K.D. Williams.

Demetrius Maxie.

Henry Burris.

Dieter Brock.

Matt Dominguez.

That D-lineman from Edmonton who's now in Cincy.

That took about a minute. There must be hundreds.

I wouldnt include players that didnt actually make it as starters for a number of yrs in the NFL. For instance, I wouldnt include Burris or Brock or…

Also, Joe Horn was a 1000 yard receiver in both leagues. Check out this site for other players:

[url=] ... _list.html[/url]

Also, a very important QB in Alouettes history: Frank Filchock. Filchock was the Als starting QB in 1949 when they won their first Grey Cup. He had played for Washington and the New York Giants in the NFL; was also a two time pro bowl player.

[url=] ... lcFr20.htm[/url]

I know this because I have studied Als history. I am not old enough to have seen him play!

For the kickers Jerry Kauric, Carlos
Huerta, and Josh Miller. For those who returned back to the CFL: Hank Ilesic and Sean Fleming.

Ralph Brock played a full season for the Rams leading them to the playoffs as the starter.

Baltimore had OJ Brigance, Shar Pardanesh & M. Goodwin who went on to substantial careers in the NFL, along with several other teammates.

Here is a link with a comprehensive list of CFL/NFL QBs and their career stats.

[url=] ... flnfl.html[/url]

Cool -- thanx

Kyries Hebert is another, he signed with the Bengals this off-season.

I should qualify this by saying he has to make the team to be a part of that list.

PS- The name of Barry Wilburn who played for the Riders and Lions