All Time Legend Ticat HC Wins 1st XFL Game

You guessed it.
June Jones and his Houston Roughnecks blew out the LA Wildcats.

How did we ever let this guy get away?

I knew we’d regret it.

All I know is that he has a great CFL type QB in PJ Walker. Former Temple QB in In Philadelphia. The alma mater of Henry Burris. Living in and around the philadelphia area my whole life. This kid ive watched live and on TV for for seasons.
So this is not a knee jerk reaction to his first game success in the XFL. But been watching him for years .

He’s gone, let it go

He did look good. And beat out Connor Cook so that means something.

“Laid back leadership style”

Oh ya. Plus he does have the Arm Strength and accuracy to make CFL larger field throws.
As well he is very mobile and can run if needed.
But what you saw Sat under live bullets was his ability to buy time. More importantly he keeps his eyes downfield and finds and hits on open rec via the pass opposed to just taking off and running.
Week in and week out for all 4 seasons at Temple thats wat he did.
His barely 6’0 stature is considor to be too short for NFL experts (with a very few exceptions).
So he gas been dangling around the NFL on teams for a couple years now.
But hasnt gotten a sniff of game playing time.

The big upset of the XFL’s first week was St. Louis winning in Dallas, the victory sealed with a late interception by former TiCat bad boy Will Hill.

Another, former TiCat, starter for them – DE Bobby Richardson, wearing #91.

Does anyone know which CFL team has the Negotiating Rights to June Jones’ starting QB, PJ Walker?
Might come in handy when we can no longer afford to carry a Dane & a Jeremiah on the roster due to salary cap implications.
Just curious.
Please let it not be the Calgary Stampeders . . .

I have no idea. But one would think that CFL teams would be watching XFL games closely and adjusting the neg lists for anyone that catches their eye.

He is on Ottawa’s list.

June Jones pulled an 0-8 Ticats team together midway through the 2017 season and coached the 2018 team to an Eastern Final appearance. He was also instrumental in turning Brandon Banks career around by utilizing him as a speedy receiver, leading to his 2019 MOP award.

But he was not an all time legendary Ticats head coach. Jones is not in the same class as Trimble, Sazio, Williams, Bruno or Lancaster. These coaches lead our Ticats to at least one Grey Cup championship. Jones did not! Also, Jones did not have a winning record as Ticats head coach.

Steinauer is a much better head coach then June Jones was. Orlondo is more familiar with the Canadian game and I felt made better in-game coaching decisions then Jones did. Again some of Jones bad coaching mistakes include lining up in shot gun on Saskatchewan’s 1 yard line on the last play of the game in 2017, and not attempting a FG against BC late in the game to create a 2 score position in 2018. These poor decisions cost the Cats games they could have won.

Plus Jones didn’t win the big games when they counted most. In 2017, they blew a late lead against the Argos, which crushed their playoff opportunity and in 2018 lost a home and home series against the Redblacks, including blowing a 16 point lead in Ottawa, that eliminated their opportunity to clinch the division. Then a few weeks later, the Ticats were unprepared as they got crushed by the Redblacks in the Eastern Final.

For these reasons June Jones was not a legendary Ticats head coach.

Oh yes. Just another league to scout for potential Cfl style players.
PJ Walker

You sure told the OP. Let’s see if he changes his thread title in light of this information.

I’m sorry but these are my opinions and if people don’t like them they don’t have to read them.

I don’t know if I think of June Junes as an “all time legend Ticat HC” or more of a lengentary HC who served as a TC consultant and HC. Splitting hairs maybe, but I sense a difference.

But when all is said and done (or if all is said and done), I’m an outlier as well. I thought Jones was a breath of fresh air in a dank, dark, and dusty room, and as such was a big part in turning the Cats around in his time here.

Seems like jones came here on a scouting mission , when he was coaching or poaching.

I think the majority of people failed to grasp the sarcasm in the thread title…

Ya. June Jones is a Journeyman coach. He has coached in many different leagues for many different teams.
He just seems to like the challenge of going somewhere new. Spend a few years. Put a team that was down or a new league team.
Set them up onto a positive direction.
Then move onto the next project.