All Time Grey Cup Experiences

In respect to the Topic on the 1989 Grey Cup which I agree is the best game ever. I have compiled a list of my best and worst Grey Cup experiences. Here are some best and worst at Grey Cup games that I have attended.

-Best Game - 1989 Toronto - First in Sky Dome, best game period.
-[b]Worst Game /b - 1986 Vancouver - no atmosphere, lousy crowd, no parties, Eskimos didn't show up.
- 1995 Regina - only non Canadian winner, nuff said

  • Best Half Time Show - 1997 Edmonton - Trooper - no contest
  • Worst Half Time Show - 2005 Vancouver - Black Eyed Peas - black eye for organizers - also no contest
  • Best Party - 1988 Ottawa - great time, well planned with Party Zone
  • Worst Party - 1986 Vancouver - city pretty much missed the event.
  • First Grey Cup - 1975 Calgary - coldest as well, streaker
    - Last Grey Cup - 2012 Toronto - just okay
  • Next Grey Cup - 2013 Regina - expecting big things
  • Best over-all experience - Edmonton 1997
  • Worst over-all experience - Vancouver 1986

any Game that Edmonton isn't in.. which has been the last 7 Grey Cups.. :lol:

See "Best D after 3 games?" topic. I rest my case.

what does that have to do with this?


cfleskfan,worst grey cup '86' 29-0 half-time score,-1 yd off.Edm 1rst half,10 q.b. sacks for Cats,5 turnovers Cats,blocked punt for t.d. Final Score....CATS 39....ESKS...15 So what's not to like???????? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Haha...pretty much everything, given the comment you made before this. Well played, cfleskfan...

See my avatar, lol. Worst part was on the flight back to Calgary the was a very drunk TiCat fan passed out beside me on the plane. Every 10 minutes or so he would wake up and scream that horrible Oski whatever thing. Fortunately (for him, not everyone else on the plane) they weren't as strict then about letting drunks on planes.

For the record, I used to claim that Saskatchewan fans were the best in the CFL, until I attended a Grey Cup. TiCat fans are definately the life of the party. :cowboy:

Read my post there and you will get your answer. You need to dwell on positive things, hatred and negativity will just make you bitter and shorten your life span.

I am assuming that you are only using the games you have attended, so I will do the same

-Best Game - 2005 Vancouver (double OT) (would have been 2009 but...)
-Worst Game (tie) - Calgary 2009 - obvious reasons (13th man)
- 1995 Regina - only non Canadian winner, cfleskfan said it, and I agree.

  • Best Half Time Show (tie) - 2007 Toronto - Lenny Kravitz ( i liked it)
    -2004 Ottawa - The Hip (Mostly because I like the hip and I loved the stories that the guy sitting behind us was telling us of "dialing in radio moscow" with the guitarist's girlfriend.)
  • Worst Half Time Show -1995 Regina- Wiki saiys it was Jack Semple but I believe it was also Sask Express witch is a terrible dance group.
  • Best Party - 2007 Toronto - First (and only) time I have been able to watch my team win it after not even being in it for 10 years. We did it up right!
  • Worst Party - This one is tough as they are always awesome in my view, so I will go with 1995 Regina as I was only 14 and didn't go to anything.
  • First Grey Cup - 1995 Regina
  • Last Grey Cup - 2012 Toronto - had a good time as usual
  • Next Grey Cup - 2013 Regina - Pumped!
  • Best over-all experience - Toronto 2007, Riders Win Riders Win!
  • Worst over-all experience - Calgary 2009 - Riders Lose :cry: Riders Lose :cry:

pfft, Rider fans make the Grey Cup Games what they are.

if it weren't for us, there'd be a lot of echoing..

to be fair though cfleskfan,my favorite in house experience was sitting in IvorWynne in the snow blizzard bowl in "96". That cup ranks up among the greatest in my estimation(GOD,was it COLD!!!!!) and just for the record the whole lot of us that went(20 of us)cheered or butts off for the Esks that day!! of course it had nothing to do with who you were playing :lol: We actually all left in the dying seconds,as we weren't about to watch the Blue team hoist the cup in our home park. :x :x :thdn:

Best Grey Cup game for me was the 2011 Grey Cup. After a dismal start to the season at 0-5 and then 1-6 the Lions miraculously turned things around losing only once in their last 11 remaining games. They finished 1st in the West, knocked off Edmonton in the Western Final and then beat Winnipeg in the Grey Cup. It was the 1st Grey Cup I'd ever attended and of all places it was right in Vancouver.

Worst Grey Cup game for me to watch was the '83 Grey Cup against the Argos. The Lions were leading 17-7 at the half and had the game under control and then the Argos completely shut the Lions down in the 2nd half. The Lions could not score even a single point throughout the 2nd half. :roll: Unbelievable! The Argos deservedly won the game 18-17! Ouch!

Yes I only included games I attended. Missed 2005 otherwise that one may be #1 because of who won. Can feel your pain about 2009.

The Riders fans add to the experience of Grey Cup but by no means define them. When they were holding telethons , only having 7000 season ticket holders and finishing last year after year. The Grey Cups were just as crazy and just as much fun. So off the high horse Rider fans.

Sadly in the 25 or so Grey Cups I have attended, I never got to a game at Ivor Wynne. The only other CFL city that I haven't attended a Grey Cup at is Winnipeg although I have attended regular season games there.

If I were to include games watched on TV I would give the nod for the best Grey Cup ever to the 1961 game in Toronto. Probably my earliest Grey Cup memory and my favourite player at the time, Kenny Ploen scored the game winning touchdown in what I think was the only Sudden Death overtime game.

God I'm old. :cowboy:

was until the Edmonton vs Montreal OT game..

Please don't use the plural of Rider fans, it is only cflisthebest spouting off this crap and quite frankly he is a relative Grey Cup rookie who doesn't really know what he is talking about.

To be honest I would be happier if the percentage of Rider fans to everyone else went down as my favorite part is hanging out with people from around the country, not just people from Saskatchewan, I do that all the time. In my experience (14 cups) there has always been a large contingent of Rider fans but it really started to increase after 2007 and 2009, when so many Rider fans went and discovered how awesome Grey Cup is.

That wasn't sudden death.

Wasn’t sudden death.