all time greats list.

i realize that there were only 20 chosen so some would be left out but there are some big names not on that list. rod hill left off astounds me. and kennerd on top of westwood. i know we all love to hate troy boy but he is our all time scoring leader. all time. and has made some huge kicks for us. yes he has missed some huge ones too. and no wild west. and what about good ol khari. i realize he may not be one of the best but his numbers were.

I do too think that having Khari Jones and Troy Westwood being on there would be great but they could have only picked 20 Blue Bombers players. I think they did a good job. 75 years. That's a lot of players my friend. To only pick 20 I say that they did a great job.

When your picking from 75 years worth of players you cant pick em all, but it would be tough to argue against any of the selections, I too think they did a good job as they have a good cross section of players from over the years.

troy in the top 20, he wouldn't even be in my top 50!!! i definitely would've had rod hill in there. BTW - where would i find this top 20 list, i couldn't find one on the bombers web-site or the cfl web-site....... then again, i'm a bomber fan and my bc buds say that my brain is not right!!!

isn't it interesting though that your all time points leader doesn't even get considered. that is no minor feat. i think if it wasn't for his attitude he would get a lot more respect. and the top twenty is on both the bomber site and the our bomber site.

it is no minor feat, ur right blackdale, but to be in the top 20, u must be something really special. i don't think westwood is that special, period. anyone who played on a team long enough can be a leading scorer. i don't think kennerd should be considered either. maybe it's a biased against placekickers, i don't know, but if anyone thinks that of all the bomber greats that have played, that westwood should be in the top 20, i think they're doing an injustice to the truly great ones! ..... and maybe it is his attitude, all i know is that i won't miss him when he retires or is cut / traded.

i must be stupid, becoz i just spent 5 mins trying to find the top 20 list on the bomber site, that site is soo damn busy, i just gave up. u'd think it'd be under either news, news archives (which is still being constructed apparently) or under the 75th anniversary section - but no. i give up.

go under the news heading then pick next 3 then "all time bomber team"

and i am not suggesting westwood is in the top twenty just thought some people might mention him considering his records here. i would put him ahead of kennerd i think although that is tough to do. part of westwoods problems are his attitude and the fact that he has been on some truly awful bomber teams. had the bombers won three cups with him he would likely be more acknowledged.
rod hill's absence still surprises me though. he was incredible.

thanks Blackdale! i think they should've at least had a "hot button" to that list on the home page, at least for the next few weeks. It seems to buried in the "archives"!!! when i clicked on the "all-time bomber greats" nice looking button on the home page, i was taken to a portion of the 'peg free press that said nothing about them!

anyways, i agree w ur assessment on westwood. if he wasn't such a "weiner", he'd probably get a little more respect, not to mention the fact that he's been stinkin up the joint this year. at least he's got company! him n O'Mahony should start a band together and recruit Fleming - maybe 4-eyes Kellet on keyboards!

i don't know many of the bombers from 1980 and back, but i'd like to see a top 50 list. James West, Rod Hill, Tyrone Jones, Greg Battle and possibly Juran Bolden, if he didn't bolt to the nfl would be on that list, among a few others! what about Eugene Goodlow? how long was he a bomber for?