All-Time Greatest Quarterbacks in the CFL

OK, I've asked about your top three all-time greatest wide receivers and your top three all-time greatest running backs in the CFL, now I'm asking about your opinions on the top three all-time greatest quarterbacks in the CFL. I have a few choices of my own and they would Ron Lancaster of Saskatchewan Roughriders, the great Warren Moon of the Edmonton Eskimos ( 6 years in the league, 5 Grey Cup appearances), Matt Dunigan who played for several teams (anyone who throws for over 700 yards in one game gets my attention), and Doug Flutie who I know played for the CalgaryStampeders and the BC Lions, but I don't remember who else (he's still with the San Diego Chargers in the NFL, but this will be his last year).
In the NFL, the all-time leader in passing yards is Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins with 61,000 yards, John Elway of the Denver Broncos is second with 53,000 yards, and Brett Farve of the Green Bay packers is third with just over 50,000 yards. Warren Moon is sixth or seventh all-time in the NFL, but if you add his CFL totals, he would have almost 70,000 yards and be the all-time leader in the history of professional football for passing yards.
I look forward to hearing your opinions on your top three all-time greatest quarterbacks in the CFL, and remember you're not being graded, they are your own opinions.

That's a tough one USa, I'm in my thirties and partial to the QB's I've seen play, Warren Moon will get my vote...runner up Flutie.

#3. Warren Jones
#2. Steve Sarkesian
#1. Tom Burgess
Honorable mention to Nealon Greene.
…just kidding…
Ron Lancaster was before my time as well as a couple of the other “all-time greats” so I’m just going to stick with the best 3 QB’s that I’ve actually seen play in my lifetime. They are:
#3. Damon Allen - He’s never been dominant like some of the others but is perhaps the most intelligent CFL QB ever. His career numbers tell the story.
#2. Dave Dickenson - He’s on pace to shatter the record for comp.% in a season with around 75% right now, as well as a TD:Int ratio of 21:4!
#1. Doug Flutie - He’s actually the Patriot’s backup QB right now…And i’ve always had a hate-on for this guy so that’s all im going to say about that.



Warren Moon - Doug Flutie - Russ Jackson - Ron Lancaster - Damon Allen.....thats a cross section of about 45 years between past and present pick your best 3 out of those

#5 - Ron Lancaster
#4 - Ralph "Dieter" Brock
#3 - Warren Moon
#2 - Russ Jackson
#2 - Doug Fluitie

Matt Dunnigan, Doug Flutie, Ron Lancaster, and an honourable mention to Damon Allen.

I'm too young to say anything about Warren Moon.. the best I've seen play was certainly Doug Flutie.. funny thing about him is he always had NFL calibre talent, and finally got a chance to prove it when Rob Johnson went down with an injury and Doug took the Bills to the playoffs, only to have the reins handed back to Johnson in the first game which he lost.. Flutie hasn't been given a chance since. I'll never be able to figure it out. So what if he's short? He wins games. Ahh well. I hope NE wins again so he can have a superbowl ring.

I agree with everyone from above. Would add Calvillo and Ausitn to the mix. 6000 yds anyone?

DAMON ALLEN...4 GREY CUP wins [could be 5?]....2 GREY CUP MVPs..........

His brother is NFL great , MARCUS ALLEN. :smiley:

Has most all ALL PRO , passing records...and is 3rd , all time RUSHING in the CFL...........behind PRINGLE and REED...........who were RUNNING BACKS! :shock:


And in his 21st season he is having one of best sesons ever.

The others don't even come close.....WARREN MOON....would be second!

Btw hellothere, did you know Damon Allen has NEVER been named Most Outstanding Player in 21 years? Weird, eh? A legend could retire without that in his background.

In the first half of the season, he was on his way to get it this year, but he's been playing below-average in the past month or so... Dickenson is getting a firmer grip on the trophy...

I'd go with Russ Jackson, Warren Moon, Damon Allen, Ron Lancaster, Doug Flutie, maybe Tom Wilkinson, Dieter Brock, Tom Clements, and Kent Austin. You could throw Matt Dunnigan into the frey, but only look at his playing career and not his stints behind the announce desk or as Stamps' coach. :wink:

#1 Sonny Wade...most underrated CFL QB in history
#2 Jackie Parker
#3 Sam Etcheverry
#4 Stanley Jackson (Okay, okay, just kidding)

so hard to pick "greatest" qb's of all time... with so many factors like different playing styles in different eras... better medical treatment shortening injury time and extending careers... pretty much anyone i would have listed has already been mentioned... all great QB's... but i would also add Danny McManus to the long list... while he does throw way too many Int's... he's thrown for over 50,000 yards and 250 TD's in 16 years... the first 5 of those he was a back up and played only a couple of games a year... while i'm not a big fan of his... i do respect what he's done and think he should be on the list somewhere

Why do you you think I am voting for....DAVE DICKINSON...?

To are great with , stats!

WHAT IS....the record of those 1st string , Q.B.s , who have played in the GREY CUP , WON the leagues MOP.........and.... WON the GREY CUP , as well.?

You are right........ALLEN, has never won the MOP......... :wink:

LETS hope, that he doesn't either , and makes it, to the GREY CUP!

He has played in B.C., before, for ....B.C. :smiley:.........I WAS AT THE 2000 GREY CUP.! :smiley: WHO was the BETTER Q.B. , in that game? A.C. or D.A?

DAMON ALLEN one comes close.

AC was crappy in the 2000 Grey Cup game. So were most of the Als. They picked a very bad moment to have a bad night.

I don't take anything away from Allen, but I think he falls way short of Warren Moon and Doug Flutie when it comes to all-time best.

Even though Damon Allen has never been a CFL Allstar, he has to be considered one of the best all time (top 10 anyway), But Warren Moon was the best, he could run like Allen and throw like Marino or Elway. 2nd best Doug Flutie.(he was absolutely taylor made for the CFL, he would of destroyed the record books if he played in the CFL long enough). Lancaster and Jackson are up there too,as are several others.

#1 Jackie Parker - mainly because he played more than one position and won 3 consecutive grey cups.
#2 Warren Moon
#3 Doug Flutie & Ron Lancaster tied for third.

Actually I would say that both DA and AC played pretty evenly in the 2000 cup. If memory serves DA played better in the first half and AC was better in the second half. The difference in the game was a missed 2 poinjt convert.

I dont know if AC it the "best" but he is certainly up there. Only one of 4 players to pass for 6000 yards and should be the first ever to pass for 5000 in 4 straight years

It's true Ro1313, AC is climbling up there on career stats and setting new records and when he is finished, will definitely have to considered up near the top.