All Time Favorite Tiger-Cat Player?

Went to the same high school, Delta secondary at the same time.

Even attended the same community college, Mohawk.

My brush with greatness.

Earl and Danny Mac

Lee Knight.

Big #68

Ben Zambiasi and Rocky Dipietro

Bernie Faloney. So-so passer, so-so runner, so-so kicker. All he could do consistently is win. And, to top it off, a nice guy.

Probably an unpopular choice for all-time favourite, but Darren Flutie was practically my hero as a small child.

My Dad's Uncle....Jimmy Simpson!!!

Garney Henley for me. Amazing athlete, really nice guy. I still have his autograph from circa 1964.

Also John Barrow. 16 all-star selections in 14 seasons. How can you beat that?