All Time Favorite Tiger-Cat Player?

Yeah, this season is a wash. Such are the joys of following a sports team…

To lighten the mood I ask who is your favorite all time Tiger-Cat player?

Mine is Ken Hobart. He didn’t win any championships or have an illustrious career but in ‘85 he was the QB who couldn’t be stopped. Setting the CFL season record for rushing yards by a quarterback (928 yards), winning the Jeff Russel Memorial Trophy and lost the CFL MVP to some Swervin’ Mervyn Fernandez dude; it was a blast watchingHobart that year.

Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name).

Mr. Henley 26

Well I am going to give 2 as either would be #1 with me:

Tom Clements and Rocky Dipietro

Joe Montford

Danny Mac #14 Our last Championship in 99 , here with my son Mikey at Mac years ago training camp !



Garney...'nuff said 8)

Mike Philbrick - the most under-rated player on his team at the time

Tom Clements and Earl the pearl

Mike Walker.

Wally Zatylny

Tommy Joe Coffey is on my jersey and if he wasn't then Grover Covington would be there.

Ben Zambiasi, Rob Hitchcock, Brandon Hamilton, Jesse Lumsden, Mike O'Shea, Peter Dyakowski

Garney Henley #26 & Tommy Joe Coffee #75

Can't decide between Ben Zambiasi, Joe Montford, Rob Hitchcock, Rocky DiPietro

All Time Favorite ...The Great Jimmy Edwards

  1. "Beam reach".......obviously you and me are from the same great era of the Cats !!

My favourites are also Garney #26, TJ Coffey #75, and I will also add in the great
Dave "the fly" Fleming #21. Fleming who had a 10 yr. career with the Cats, would have to
rate as one of the toughest players to ever play for the TiCats !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bernie #10 the Argo killer.

Garney Henley.

The great John Bonk born right here in The Creek, won the Cup with Ham in 1972. ;D