All-Time best receivers in the CFL


Debralynn asked the question who in the present or past is better than Geroy Simon. There are many as good if not better. Here is a starter list- please add any names to it.

  1. Tommy-Joe Coffey - Hamilton
  2. George McGowan- Edmonton
  3. Huey Campbell- Saskatchewan
  4. Tony(Ottawa)Gabriel (still can't speak his name without wincing since he scored the winning touchdown over Saskatchewan in '76)
  5. Allan Pitts-Calgary
  6. Little Brian (_______) - Edmonton
  • many others - help me out :cowboy:

Only to comment on who I have seen

1 Mervyn Fernandez
2 Allen Pitts
3 Terry Greer
4 Tony Gabriel
5 Brian Kelly
6 Don Narcisse
7 Earl Winfield
8 James Murphy
9 Ray Alexander

Allen Pitts is my all-time favorite.

Ray Elgaard has to be on a list of the all timers

Chris DeFrance- a clutch receiver on some god awful Rider teams

Joey Walters
James Murphy
Milt Stegall
Peter Dalla Riva

Sorry as great as Tommy Joe Coffey was in Hamilton, his best years were in an Eskimo uniform.

Mervyn Fernandez
Earl Winfield
Peter Dellariva
Rick House
Brian Kelly
Allan Pitts
Chris DeFrance

As good a RB as he was, I believe with Edmonton Craig Ellis played slot. He had some pretty sweet hands.

Hey - Just because he hasn't played a game yet this year, doesn't mean people should forget about him already! I can't believe that on a list of the best receivers ever in the CFL, Milt Stegall's name only showed up once so far! You'd have to put up a good arguement to prove that he isn't the best all time.

Hal Patterson
Garney Henley

How about Joe Poplawski of the Bombers. One the best Canadian slotbacks to play in this league.

How the TD King has not showed up more, is beyond me.

Milt Stegall.

Geroy Simon

Do you even read a thread before posting RLR?

I read the title so the first name that came to mind was Simon. I’ll have to say maybe Darren Flutie? He’s gotta be up there.

Rocket Ismael?

Turkey, I'm in shock that you missed Ray Elgaard!

Two really good choices Billy & Stampederville! :thup:

It will be hard to compare Simon until his career is over.

Only from what I've seen:

Earl Winfield (slight bias)
Allen Pitts
Milt Stegall
Don Narcisse
Ray Elgaard

Jim 'Dirty 30' Young
Jim Sandusky

We are totally missing the guy who holds several CFL career receiving records. Most Receptions, Most 1000+Seasons, Most consecutive 1000+Season.

Terry Vaughn

Good one.

Here are some others that we have forgotten:

Ben Cahoon
Rocky DiPietro
Mookie Mitchell
Paul Masotti
Darren Flutie (not sure if he's been mentioned)
Terry Evanshen