All Time Alouette Defensive All Star Team

Defensive Ends: Doug McNichol Junior Ah You
Tackles: Ted Elsby Doug Peterson
Linebackers: Dickie Harris Kevin Johnson
Wally Buono Marv Luster
Defensive Backs: Gene Gains Ed Learn Larry Uteck
Safety: Barron Miles

Honorable Mention: Elfred Payton Jim Anderotti
John Baker George Brancato
Tom Cousineau Ed Philion
Juan Sheridan

Okay I'll bite again...

Jon Baker and Junior Ah You as ends;
Glen Weir and Gordon Judges at tackle

Linebackers: (by the way, Dickie Harris was never a LB, he was always in the secondary) Chuck Zapiec, Carl Crennell, Wally Buono

Secondary: Vernon Perry and Phil Price on the corners, Tony Proudfoot and Jim Burrow at HB, with Miles as safety.