Thought he went to Central. So I was right. Both Juniour and Senior won tier two championships last year. Big difference. I'd play if I wasn't too exhausted for homework after football.

Is that a dig at my home town? Well, "town" is a bit grandiose. Let's go with "crossroads beside an airport." Regardless, Petek hails from Helena, Montana.

8) John Manel, QB. Cathedral High School, Kansas State, Hamilton Tiger Cats. :thup:

Don't apologize for the repetitions. I was happy to see Harry Lampman's name on your list. I had forgotten Harry. He attended Westdale at the same time I was at Central Collegiate. I personally remember Harry, not so much for football, but Track and Field. In 1945, at the city Track Championships, I was lucky enough to finish ahead of him in the 440, but he cleaned up in the High Jump. He was also the star of Westdale's basketball team. An all-rounder for sure...

I"m sure he wasn't a Hamilton boy, but I remember (and I"m old, gang) having John Eckman as a supply teacher one day (Hill Park Secondary). Eckman was a backup QB who was forced into a game when the starter (Zuger, maybe?) went down. He threw a horrid interception to Montreal's top defensive end in those days, John Baker. He made a half-hearted attempt at tackling Baker, who easily ran over him and went the distance for a TD.

In class that day one of the kids said to him "Sir, why didn't you try to tackle Baker"?

Eckman's reply I have never forgotten. He simply said "Well, ............he's kinda BIG".

The following CFL players played in the SAME offensive backfield at Westdale Collegiate: Russ Jackson at QB, Ron Howell, Butch Rogers (linebacker for Argos).
Bob Jackson, former Westdale student.

Ah, Mighty Pope you're right Marco is from Alberta but I'll add Paul Whalley for a hat trick from Cathedral

Is (was) Tip Logan from Hamilton?

I believe so... i am friends with his family and they are from Hamilton.

A couple more to add to the list
John Bonk
Nick Bastigha (spelling)

Nick Bastaja :wink:

Corey Grant,
Paul Masotti - Stoney Creek

Lou Cafazzo, ex-St Jean de Brebeuf, ex-Calgary Stampeder, current Mac D-Line coach.

Rob Hitchcock Glendale
Trevor Shaw Glendale
Frank Maroff Glendale
Jeff Brown Glendale
Larry Justandis Glendale
Ed Turek Glendale Phys Ed Teacher

Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! no wonder Glendale had such a good football team....Go Bears

perhaps Burlington? Pete Ribbons (Winnipeg)and John Priestner(Hamilton)Mike Taylor(Hamilton)

what about Fabio Filice? Hes from Stoney Creek, as is Mike Morreale and Andrew Nowachi (Edmonton esks thi year). I know because they all went to Cardinal Newman, much like i do. At one point, we had Fabio in a little formation known as elephant backfield, with Fabi back at tailback, running the ball on goaline. man did he knock some heads.

you can add Ray Thomas to the Glendale list i remember reading somewhere he went there for 2 years. wow that is impressive.

To bad Ray got hurt. He really gave us a different dimension being able to put a TE in the game. He was also good on special teams.

i agree i really wish they used him to his potential. i mean the guy signed with the bills as a FA so talent definately wasnt lacking and from watching him play it wasnt desire? anyway it really is a shame.

8) Nick Mazzoli !!!