Thought it might be interesting to put together a list of Hamilton born and raised football players that made it to the nfl and cfl. It has always been my opinnion that we have great gridiron talent here in the hammer. I ll start with the obvious Hitchcock, Shaw, J. smith, Morreale, feel free to add on.

Russ Jackson?

was he from hamilton that would be a good one?

could make this even more trivial if we had to name their highschools. i guess with my limited knowledge better to stick just with the names.

Russ Jackson
Peter Dalla Riva
Glen Weir
Ian Sunter (Burlington boy)
Tony Gabriel (Burlington boy)
Dave Stalla

among many others...

Ray Thomas

Ian Sunter (Burlington boy) Tony Gabriel (Burlington boy)
Not Hamilton.... STRIKE them from the record.

Note to self, watch out for Burlington natives on this site ready to attack

LMAO at strike out, Crash :wink:

At least Sunter went to the NFL... :wink:

yeah burlington only wants to be lumped in with us hamiltonians when it benefits them lol. oh well safe to say we have some really competitive football in southern ontario over the years.

a few more that come to mind:

Frank Marof
Dale Sanderson
Richard Nurse
John Michaluk
Mike Walker
Tony Marrone
Mike Phibrick
Steve Oneschuk
Ernie Palango

pete giftopoulous
corey grant (do we count stoney creek?)
rocco romano?

Go back into the 40’s and 50’s, and you will find all kinds of Hamilton boys in the CFL. In those days, CIS was not a big deal, not as big as jumping from High School into the CFL.

Is anybody out there old enough to remember these guys…
Mel Aull
George Festeryga
Jimmy Quadamatteo
Joey Pal
Tommy O’Connor
Cam Fraser
Bob MacDonald
Marty Martinello

And there were others. At one time, every team in the CFL had Hamilton boys on their roster.

Frank Cosentino
Marco Cyncar
Tom Kudaba

from Hamilton:
Ron Howell
Marty Martinello
Jim Young
Gord Christian

Many of the TiCats up to 1970 had local connections, though I don't know if they were from this area ...
Harry Lampman
Chet Miksza
Bill Graham (leading ORFU scorer in 1956)
Cam Fraser (still has some kicking records?)
Bobby Kuntz (McMaster)
Bob Krouse (McMaster)

Is Rob Hitchcock, like Pete Neumann, from St Catharines?

You don't need to look too far afield for Hamiltonians before the 1970s. Up until then, each team had territorial rights over young players coming out of high school and university.

Sorry for the repititions, Wilf. Must have been writing while you were posting. And you're right -- during the glory days, players like Jackson and Young slipped through the team's hands despite the territorial rights. But Gabriel didn't ... despite being from Burlington!

I resent that :stuck_out_tongue:. Sunter (and Gabriel, I believe) went to my school. There's an Athletic Hall, I just don't remember if Gabriel was there or not, I'm pretty sure he is though.

No way Marco Cyncar was from Hamilton. He was an Alberta boy I believe.

Tony Gabriel went to Burlington Central High School. He didn't try out for football in grade 9 because he was "too scared". In grade 10 he decided to try out but was the final cut on the team.In grade 11 he finally made the team as a flanker and in grade 12 he played the year as a fullback. In the two years that he played high school football, Burlington Central never won a game.

Andy Petek.
Seriously folks, anyone said Marv Allemang?(Ancaster)

Not Hamilton Zontar. I think he's from Mount Hope.