All Tiger Cats Team

So far this year I've see the "Eskimos Century Team", the "Roughriders Century Team" and the "All Decade Team" for the Alouettes. I'm sure an "All Tiger Cats" team is coming soon, but let's beat them to the punch. Who is on the team according to us, the fan? (and remember, all nominees are valid)

This is going to be tough...but to kick-start it, how are these suggestions:

QB: Faloney
RB: Gilchrist [guess I'm dating myself again]
DE: Covington
Whatever position he cares to play: Garney Henley
Coach: Gotta be Trimble....unless there are still Frank Kush loyalists out there

Covington is pretty much a shoe in. I'm a younger lad, so I couldn't put in any players early then '76 because I wouldn' t know what I'm talking about. I'm a Tony Champion man.

how about Brock

I'll chime in with the obvious one and suggest Mosca

Well how's this for a defensive line?

At ends, Montford and Covington, at tackles Vince Scott and Mosca; hard to top that it seems......

What about for O-lineman…say like Dave Hack in a guard spot and other then that I dont know who else…wut about Morreale and Flutie for WR/SB…or DiPietro…I know hes before my time but I still know of him LOL…maybe get Hitchcock in there somewhere just cause hes such a fan favourite.

rocky and champion need to be included and osbaldiston
and flutie