all tied up

with the west taking all 4 crossover games last two weeks, east west all tied up, with the west on the move.

west crossover for playoffs once again the most likely.

things are getting back to normal.

Not really considering Hamilton is 5-5 and has two games on Sask. I doubt very much that there will be a crossover at all.


I agree. We will have a race for the third place in west and TO is looking to be out of the pocture. Most likely scenario is a west cross-over. The race is on.......

No the most likely scenario is that there is no crossover given that the third place team in the east still is two games up on the fourth place team in the west.

The Riders would need to win 3 more games than Hamilton with 8 remaining The Argos would have to win 3 more than the Lions with 8 remaining. I would say the statistical odds are the same. Momentum wise, yes, the West would appear to be favored at this point.

none the less, a cross seems unlikely. Crosses are for from the norm.

It's too bad, I was enjoying seeing the resurgence in the east. I really hope there's no crossover, but BC and Sask are starting to move...