All Ti-Cat jerseys 50% off!


I was just at Centre Mall, and all merchandise, including jerseys (all jerseys, blank ones, screened ones and stitiched ones, Adult and youth) are all 50% off. Black, white and yellow jerseys all!

Forty something dollars for the blank ones. What a great deal!

The guy at the store said the Jackson Square store has the same merchandise and the same discounts.

Santa is going to be busy.

Maybe there Changing Design again...

too bad no lumsden jersey....would be nice to have along with my autographed argos, tony miles jersey.

represent the CFL around town.


You can order a Lumsden jersey if you like, They can put any name, any number on it.

Also, the store employee assured me that they are not changing the jersey design.

Is this special also offered at Sports Obsession stores? Also, is there a time frame for the sale?

Good deal!

Maas jerseys should be going REAL cheap since he , and alot of others won't be around next year.

^^^ That's why you get a blank one and get it crested later.

Also, I'm not so sure about Maas. I think there's a good chance he'll be back, and he will be better.

[quote="CaptainKirk he'll be back, and he will be better.
He curtainly can't get worse.

....or can he?.... :?

It would have been nice to see some retro jerseys. Otehr than the one with the faded number 65. A properly crested one would be very cool with the long striped sleeves.

i think he can get wrose lol
they should try to get printers

Now if we can get leather coats like the one Charlie Taaffe got at the press conference.

so... the sale still on?

The guy at the store said the 50% discount will last until December 29th.