All three phases key to Ottawa's victory over Elks

OTTAWA — It takes a full team effort to win football games and the Ottawa REDBLACKS did just that on Tuesday night.

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The mighty Elk looked like Elks last night, the Elks club.


I have to agree. Anne Elk's 1969 Dinosaur Theory from Monty Python may be applicable here:

" ...All brontosauruses are thin at one end; much, much thicker in the middle and then thin again at the far end."

No matter how silly or convoluted... stating the obvious is always the safe thing to do. Competent quarterback play makes all the difference in this league. In that area the Elks are stumbling right now whereas the Redblacks are suddenly able to put out a 'full team' effort. :grin:

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Wouldn't place too much on that Game for Ottawa. They have only won 2 games and look both wins were against the Elks! As for the Elks, oh ! Shame ! Getting beat twice by worst team in the CFL. Goes to show though any team at any time can post a victory in the CFL.
Question now ! Is Ottawa a real contender or just a pretender?

The oddsmakers who made the over/under on the Elks @ 5 wins must be grinning. Everybody laughed. With 4 games vs Wpg & Sk 7 finishing up with 3 road games over 6 days, they look done to me. There's bad & ugly & then there's where the Elks are at. Elizondo likely needs to win at least 1 vs the 2 game set with the Bombers up next to save his job. And that might not be enough.

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All three phases may have been great but the - magic dust - this Caleb Evans looks like a crackerjack quarterback that can take years to develop or find.

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It's been a long time since I've seen a kid come in and play like that in this league! For someone who has never played a snap in Canadian football he did a very good job! No INT, 3 TDs, and most importantly, a win!! This guy looks like he has alot of potential, he really looked comfortable back there, it's nice to see! If they keep playing like that, they could make things interesting in the final few weeks.

The Edmonton Elks lost a very manageable win versus the Ottawa Redblacks to open week 9. The Redblacks jumped out to an eary 17-7 haftime lead, led by their 3rd string quarterback Caleb Evans in his CFL debut at home. The TSN turning point was Devonte Dedmon's 73 yard punt return major with 13:04 in the third frame. My game ball goes to Caleb Evans who was 15-22 with 191 passing yards along with 3 TD'S, he also carried the rock seven times for 59 yards. :astonished: :football: :canada:

P.S. The Edmonton Elks looked like my old high school football team with their pathetic tackling in the entire first half. Both teams scored 17 points in the entertaining second half. They also need major work on their "Special Teams" which has plagued them the last few seasons !