All This Printers and Qb Talk?

What If Printers comes in and plays like he can? That would be great for competition at training camp!!

Lefors? Apparently has what it takes and does run a 4.80 (i believe) ---- another QB that isn't afraid to take off (not like Glenn) .... That is what we need!!

Randall? Not much experience but only 25, can run and has a strong arm ... future starter in my opinion, but not this year!!

Dinwiddie? Great attitude, great composure, can take off when needed to and as far as his arm strength, that is really no concern!! Look who won the Grey cup Last Year? CGY ... now watch this: than go to game recaps scroll down and on the right side see Cgy at Wpg-July 24

Composure under pressure, has arm strength (not the best) but can still huck it and remember all of our reciever's, alot spotlighted in this game, Ryan can step in and win for us if need be, Now if that was Lefors, Randall or even Printers in this game? should make for a good training camp.

Seems like that would work for him instead of against him. Cant get experience without being on the field. He rode the bench last year and why have him around if not being used.

I agree, he is the most talented guy they have and to sign Lefors who has a history of concussions and really has 5 unsuccesful games of experience more then Randall and put him on top of the pecking order is unexplainable and bizare.

........I'm sure Kelly wouldn't have pursued Lefors and signed him IF he had the problems you are suggesting...Kelly knew his history before and during their tenure with the esks....C'mon lets be realistic lol lol :lol:

As far as Randall goes....he definitely has lots of skills and will definitely improve playing behind Printers and Lefors... :wink:

Where are you getting this concussion stuff. I tried looking into it and found nothing. Can you provide a link or something?

He did provide links on another thread (I believe). What I can tell you is, Lefors was knocked silly in one of his starts in 2007, and despite displaying every symptom of concussion one can think of---nausea, dizziness, headaches, etc., etc., the team and the player "don't believe he had a concussion" Right. The good news is, that was two years ago. And one theory is that the brain, given enough time, can overcome the effects of concussion. The bad news is, the more they study the effects, the less they believe that theory. Concussions are cumulative. It isn't necessarily that having one makes you more susceptible to another(though it may), so much as having one makes the effects of the next one more severe, and it takes longer each time to recover. And at some point, recovery may not be possible.

Here you go: [url=] ... e_symptoms[/url]

That’s pretty much it. He’s had at least 3 that are puclic domain vs Temple, Miami and BC. He hasn’t had one last year but then again didn’t play… It seems unusual for Edmonton to refuse money for Lefors from an NFL team and then trade him to Winnipeg for next to nothing… He may become very good but it is very risky to bank your season on him IMO.

And we all know how concussions can affect the careers of even the most talented QBs (Dickinson).

I think it makes sense for the Bombers to bring Printers into camp, given the inexperience of their current stable of QBs. However, I wouldn't expect too much.

To me, this would be my big concern:

"To me, when I think concussion, I think about guys like Dave Dickenson in B.C. or Trent Green or Steve Young in the NFL when they're completely knocked out and they lose consciousness," LeFors said. "For me, it wasn't like that."
That indicates the player really does not understand what a concussion is in the first place. You do not need to be knocked cold to have a concussion. And often players that are nocked out, do not display severe symptoms like Lefors did, ie., they may not have a concussion. My recommendation though, is make sure Lefors goes to see his dentist soon---those special mouthguards they can make might save his career....

....repeat: Kelly new of Lefors backround before he pursued him .....the concussion issue would have been part of his diliberation....Lefors is now a Blue Bomber :wink:

Arius, doesn't your Riders have some topics (issues) that you could talk about on your own thread, you come on here and knock everyone and everyones opinions on OUR forum, yet your riders are a big question mark in the West, go to your forum and try and sort out the Riders problems instead of coming on here and posting your useless opinions!! bluengold....let him go on with his little informed and long winded know what they say....give him enough rope... :lol:

LOL... i get it papa, Arius has no clue!! Riders could've had Glenn or Printers, why didn't they take one of the two? I can't wait for 2009 to begin already, can you feel the rivalry already? wouldn't that just STING if Printers comes in and plays like he did in 2004? better yet if Lefors, Dinwiddie or Randall take us to the second season and Sask finishes Fourth in the West (or better yet crosses over and gets pounded by the Bombers, Argo's or ALS in round one...LOL).

Isn't it funny how everyone expects Montreal to finish first in the East AGAIN, if Calvillo craps the bed or needs to leave his team (god forbid) because of his wife Montreal is Toast, there backup with Brady retiring is non other than .... wait for it .... Brad Banks .... LOL .... Remember him? Even with Calvillo Montreal is not guaranteed to play as good as last year, my opinion is ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THE EAST AND IS WIDE OPEN. T.O IS IN THE SAME PREDICIMENT AS THE BOMBERS AND CATS (NO PROVEN QB)

First, I am not knocking Lefors based on any concussion issues. Though it likely should be a concern. One of your fellow Bomber fans asked a question and I answered it for him. My apologies!!
As for the Rider forum, sadly it is dead. In part because it is policy to curtail, if not outright prevent any discussion about ET.
But unlike you, nowhere have I ever claimed anyone's opinion was useless and I am having interesting conversations with Bomber fans, with a few exceptions. If I had a different logo and a different name, and I said exactly the same things about the Bombers, then what would be your clever retort?

There are lots of reasons why we did not pick up either Glenn or Printers, and I'd be happy to explain them all to you. Got a few hours to kill? If Printers can come to the Bombers and play great, good for him and good for the Bombers. I still don't want him in Green. The Riders may well finish 4th, even miss the play-offs. OR as long as we are speculating, Durant might have a break-out year, the Riders finish 1st and the Bombers may stumble and stagger as they start first one then the next QB to no avail. See, I can play that game as well.
As for Montreal their back-up QB is Adrian McPherson. He is a very promising prospect with a better pedigree than any QB either the Riders or Bombers have today. But gee.... nice to know that old chestnut... "if the other teams starters all get hurt, they'll suck just as bad as our team does" is still alive and well in Winnipeg.

......Arius gawd surely are jesting.....You wouldn't want Printers on your roster....yet you were pushing to sign Glenn when you thought he was available.....Lets see ...Glenn is immobile and proved last year his game was on the decline...over Printers who has all of his physical attributes still intact...Even with his 'so-called attitude' of last year i'd take him over Kevin....And come to think of it we're almost on the verge of doing just that..... :lol:

Getting a HC gig in the CFL has more to do with being in the right place at the right time and for some being able to perform fellatio at a high level :smiley: Maybe Marshal isn't gifted in certain areas :slight_smile:

As is so often the case, Papa, you have your facts wrong. You will never find a post by me pushing for the Riders to sign Kevin Glenn. In fact my position has been consistently the opposite. The closest you might find is, had we signed him, I would not have been outraged (as I would be if we signed Printers) because I am a Glenn fan, and believe we could win with him. But he simply is not the right fit for the Riders at this time. Casey Printers to me is another Bishop or Crandell. And for you guys, he would be a Banks. Or a Tee Martin. Darian Durant has improved every year as a QB and an impressive learning curve at that. Meanwhile Casey Printers has apparently regressed as a QB. So you can take "all his physical tools intact" coughBishopcough and throw them in Wascana lake for all it means. Kevin Glenn in a wheel chair likely could play better than Casey Printers did in 2008.

Arius NO QB could have been any good on the Cats with there weak O-Line and pittiful reciever’s last year and the year before i don’t care who it is. I recall Calvillo on a similar “horrible” T–Cats team a few years ago who was booed right out of Hamilton only to emerge as a TOP QB in MTL. Year after Year the Cats seem to get better at every position including QB and yet still mange to crap the bed and look to a new QB, Calvillo emerges in MTL, but fails in Hamilton. Printers fails in Hamilton but could emerge with a team that has better recievers and running backs, can you see the trend in Hamilton? We went through it here in Winnipeg year after year (especially the Reinbold days) and we never recovered until the mid 21st century (2006 or so).

Hamilton has a long way to go, just like the Bomber’s did to climb back into contention and haven’t had a reliable QB since the Mcmanus days (and he was even booed out of town). McManus, Calvillo and Printers Booed out of Hamilton only to be replaced by who? same situation there year after year and 2009 isn’t going to be any better (like you say it is).