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Zach Collaros is a CFL quarterback from Steubenville, Ohio. He joined Toronto in 2012 as a backup and started several games the next season when Ricky Ray was hurt. He joined the Tiger-Cats in 2014, replacing Henry Burris as our starting QB. We made it to the Grey Cup that year but lost to Calgary.

In 2015 Collaros was having a very strong season with Hamilton until he got hurt in the 12th game. He did not return until partway through the 2016 season. That year we made the playoffs but lost in the semi-final.

Collaros was the Ticats' starting QB at the beginning of the 2017. The team lost its first 8 games, and then June Jones replaced Kent Austin as head coach. Jones benched Collaros and started Jeremiah Masoli for the final 10 games, during which the team went 6-4, but still missed the playoffs. Between the end of 2016 and the start of 2017, the team lost 12 consecutive games that Collaros started.

In early 2018 Hamilton traded Collaros to Saskatchewan. He is expected to start his first game for the Roughriders tonight against Toronto. Some people expect him to do well this season with his new team. Some others do not. Some feel he is still an elite CFL quarterback who can regain his 2015 form in the right set of circumstances. Others do not. Some feel we did the right thing in trading him. Others do not.

Please discuss.

Let's keep all Collaros discussion in this thread!

Just like last year, Zach has no O-line tonight...

Actually, while I son't htink the Saskie OL offers the greatest protection compared to some others, it IS better than what he had to work with early in the season last year. It looks like he's starting to get some of his mojo back. Happy for him - especially since they're playing the blew team!

Just threw a nice TD pass after his wing and a prayer 3rd down play.

He's definately starting to shake rust, but have yet to see the "classic" Zach that uses his feet to roll out and make magic.

So far, early 2014 Zach. Jury still out on 2015 edition.

So far it looks like his confedence is coming back. He just throw a TD.
I hope Masoli can do the same.

Pretty typical TSN.
They want everyone to succeed especially QBs.
So everything that ZC does good "hes gaining confidence".
Anything bad "hes shaking off the rust" or "working his way through it"

6 straight completions now.

Ugh. I have nothing against Zach, but the more he succeeds the more I expect from Masoli.

June Jones and Jeremiah are a package deal to me.

If one fails, they both equally fall on the sword.

And yes I'm being negative, but isn't that a prerequisite for a Collaros thread?

Circle gets the square.

I look at it this way. Not really a package deal, but Masoli can only succeed in an offense like June Jones' he wouldn't stand a chance anywhere else.

Collaros is looking okay, but both of these teams look beatable to me.

12/16 75% 142 yds 1 TD

Burris on the halftime panel concedes that Zach’s play was “not bad?. Did not mention that he ranks Zach outside the Top 9 QBs in the league.

Sask crowd seems to respond by taunting Hank. Those farmers sure do hold onto a grudge.

TSN policy of stroking SSK fans in full effect.

He's always had been butt hurt over Zach ever since the Cats released him in favour of signing #4...

I'm seriously drawing a blank, but who was the player (almost sure he played for the Riders) that had cow manure dumped on his lawn after some type of football blunder?

EDIT It was Paul McCallum back in 2004 when he played with the Greenies. Lol... Wonder what they did to the 13th man player that lost them the Grey Cup.

Why? He's gone, you think he talks about Hamilton, not likely.

Biggest fraud in the history of the CFL. Cant stand him.

Argos O line needs a Bomben

"Everyday in this city feels like a semi final day in Hamilton".

Yes he's still talking about Hamilton.