All Things Tennis 2024

I find Fernandez is fairly one-dimensional. Add to that, she is sort of flaky during her service games and doesn’t use being a lefty to her advantage enough. It’s almost the same argument that I have for FAA.

Unfortunately Leylah lost a nailbiter in the second round to Wozniaki yesterday. Leylah even had two match points. She has been playing well but can’t get over the hump at Wimbledon. She is my favourite Canadian tennis player because she has the greatest mental toughness of all.

Speaking of mental toughness, this lady has virtually none. She fell meekly in the third round. She may be the most talented Canadian tennis player of all time and is the only one to have ever won a singles major, with both Roanic and Leylah losing in their only major final. Unfortunately she shows off her great talent in short spurts before suffering an “injury” or taking mental health breaks of 8-12 months.

Unfortunately no Canadians left in singles. I’m callin Alcaraz for the title.

Paolini is no pushover. She could be in line for the title for the women with Swiatek gone. She’s already gotten to French Open final and R16 Australian Open this year.

The winner of Sinner/Medvedev I think will carry the day. It is not so easy to repeat at majors unless your name is Djokovic, Federer, or Nadal.

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Fernandez & Andreescu were Canadian favorites. Thats like being the tallest midget. Only a surprise if they had reached the round of 32. Little Paolini is now a powerhouse. Emma Navarro ransacked the Faulty House of Coco (Gauff).
Even Gauff going down to Navarro doesn’t match the elegant yet powerful Swiatek going down in the 3rd round - after prancing to an opening set win - but then getting herself nearly bageled in 2 straight losing sets.
That was big! Only Joker going down prior to the semi-finals would match that tremor. Any theories (facts) why Swiatek seemed to stop playing tennis.

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No idea but I am happy every time nutbar Jokevic loses.

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This is turning into the Wimbledon of injury as we near the semi finals. Unfortuantely “Aaron Rodgers” Jokevic gets a free pass to the semis.

I love this girl who I think is Canada’s best player male or female. She will win 2-3 majors one day I predict. Not the head case Bianca is. An interesting explanation as to the delay that occurred during her loss to Wozniacki during which she couldn’t close on two match points.

Alcaraz destroys Jokevic in the Final. Good to see.

And on the women’s side:

I think both Fernandez and Andreescu will end their careers with two majors between them. Could be 1 each or Andreescu could steal a second in next 2 or 3 years.

Krejickova doesn’t have much sex appeal - like Wozniaki, Swiatek, Raducanu, Muguruza, etc. but she’s got the body of a goddess. Too bad when you look at her face she almost looks like a hospital patient with her mouth agape.