All Things Tennis 2024

I don’t think there is a lot of interest in tennis on the forum, but it is a sport I play and love and follow somewhat. Whenever there is something big like a major tournament or a Canadian doing well I become interested again. The second major of the year, the French Open, has just started. Several Canadians involved, although none favoured.

Below is an introductory overview of the French Open with a focus on the chances of the Canadians in the field.


Unfortunately Canadian qualifier Gabriel Diallo lost his first match, which he probably should have won. Felix, however is on to the second round.

My first cousin and his wife would love you to know that you are a tennis fan. So am I, I mean I’m not a huge tennis fan but a tennis fan for sure. They have put a significant amount of money into tennis in Canada and even have an event named after them, the Tevlin Challenger:

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Perhaps Rafa’s last appearance at the major he dominated like no other player ever dominated any major.

All Canadians except qualifier Diallo won their first round matches. A mild and pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately my favourite Fernandez lost in the third round. After the article above Andreescu won in her third round match up, which is somewhat surprising, but she has faced nobodies so far and Leylah had to play #8 seed Jabeur and acquitted herself well. As of now both Shapovolov and Felix have yet to play their third round matches, although Shapovolov beat a much higher ranked opponent in Round 2 so he might be in for a bit of a run. Two days of rain have resulted in several match delays and suspensions and postponements.

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Last Canadian out of French Open singles. Only Leylah left in doubles.

Leylah used to fly around the court like a human gnat - but she’s packed on a few pounds and some muscle and has a bit more variety. She’ll never be a power player but she’s able to withstand power more than before. She’s obviously allergic to Jabeur while other Top 25 players have solved the Jabeur dilemna.

Where’s the Buffalo Bills owner’s gal? Haven’t seen her name up on the TSN boards.

Swiatek now my all-time favorite, moreso for her pro-Ukraine stand against Russia starting nearly 18 months ago. Just a wonderful player. Lots of peeps think she’s too small - actually she’s a tad over 5’9" and has withstood the best players in the game, including the 6 footer Sabalenka and Japan’s Moonfaced Cannon, Naomi Osaka (5’11")
Iga can bagel you or drag you thru heaven 'n hell in 3 set slobbernokkers.

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Re: Iga Swiatek

Iga was a bit out of form in her first match against Jean Jean

Prolly the cost of winning is factoring in and she’s a tad worn down.

I see her eliminated in this year’s quarters or semis. Be an absolute miracle if she can withstand the grind and get into another Major final.

I’m finding tennis harder and harder to watch these days. The way the schedules are compacted these days, most top players are nursing injuries or one ankle roll away from blowing out their entire season.

It seems that women’s tennis is veering again to players in their late teens/early twenties winning majors and becoming one and dones outside of Iga Swiatek, who is still quite young by measures of a tennis career.

On the men’s side, I have a couple of quibbles. There doesn’t seem to be the same competitive drive within the men in the absence of the Big Three. Also, the material differences between players in their styles of play are minimal compared to the yesteryear of Gustavo Kuerten, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Juan Carlos Ferrera, Juan Martin Del Potro and of course the Big Three.

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I do wonder why tennis doesn’t use replay or lasers in some tournaments, especially a major like the French Open. In any event Swiatek is off to the final.

Somewhat surprisingly Alcaraz overcomes 1-0 and 2-1 set deficits to reach the French Open Final on Sunday.

Women’s Final for tomorrow also set. Swiatek the heavy favourite and looking for her 4th French Open title.

Swiatek wins easily yesterday and Alcatraz defeats Zverev in a 5 set battle that took 4 hours and 19 minutes. I remain convinced that tennis players are the best athletes in the world. Going 4 1/2 hours at full tilt without anyone else to rely on is simply amazing. Will post a summary by tomorrow.

Andreescu makes it to the Final and was competetive on the weekend. Maybe her usually poor headspace is improving and she will be better at Wimbledon?