All things Speedy B

Congrats to Speedy

He broke 3,000 yards receiving last game with a35-yard catch-and-run late in the first half.
He finished the game with nine catches for 135 yards and two TDs

Banks also moved into second place on the all-time Ticats’ list for combined yards, passing Tommy Grant (10,213 yards from 1956-68), after starting the game with a 12-yard punt return and a 12-yard reception.

Banks finished the game with 197 combined yards for a total 10,387, still a long way to go before catching Earl Winfield, who had 14,798 combined yards in his 11 seasons with the Ticats (1987-97).
Combine this with his crucial textbook downfield blocks to allow Tasker to score TD’s the last 2 games taking on DB’s much larger than him.(kudos to Mike Jones for his block at the goal line also)

I have been very impressed by Banks’ as a receiver this season. It seemed last game, after the Saunders injury, Banks was on fire. He is more engaged on the sidelines, is running his routes, coming back to the ball on scrambles, blocking for the other receivers, especially Tasker, and has dramatically reduced his gesturing and carrying on after being successfully defended. I have not been a great Banks’ fan in the past, but now, more and more appreciate what others have seen in him.

If we could only get him to stop the little dance-deke move, and just burst ahead as he used to do. It seems to give the tacklers just a little more time to swarm him, rather than creating space.

Fixed it :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Tasker TD happened right in front of us. I was looking around for a flag to fly on that block as well.

That Speedy is a deadly dude.

That’s pretty impressive, given that Speedy has been here less than six full seasons. And in a time of hyper-free agency, no less.


I’d sing his praises but I can’t sing that fast.

In 11 games, with 1033 yards receiving, he’s already surpassed his 18-game total of 1011 yards last season. What I’m really noticing this year are his hands. He’s regularly pulling down Masoli darts, from above his head, like they were lob balls.

I agree. Last year I would have described Speedy as having average hands and above-average speed. There is nothing average about his hands this year - he has made some highlight reel catches.

In watching Mike Jones's block (great first name, btw), he had his hands on the DB - which is allowed - but let go when the DB tried to go around him. If he hadn't let go then, it would have been holding. Since he didn't keep his hands on him there was no holding to call. This is what I saw.

Thank you Grover for starting this thread, its long over due.

Speedy has not recieved nearly enough praise from the panel.

Imagine if Austin had recognized this potential, Speedy may of even scored a recieving TD in the 2014 Grey Cup.
Wait a minute he did score a TD recieving in 2014 GC. … and Austin still didnt develop this guy. In fact Austin gave him a pay reduction!

– not only one of the fastest guys, but definitely the toughest…bet the so called toughest Reilly, couldn’t stop speedy at the goal line or even at the 5 yard line.

This guy needs a raise, hope he has lots of bonuses in his contract. He’s completly sold out for this organization, hopefully the organization will not do something stupid, like letting him walk…or in his case FLY AWAY.

Unfortunately Banks will want to eventually get paid nicely for his stellar services. Could end up testing free agency if Tillman treats him like he did Chapman.

Can we talk about that insane catch in quadruple cover on Saturday?

That play shows just how much Speedy and Jeremiah are on the same page.

There is no one more exciting out there than him gliding around! The best thing this management did was to sign him and Masoli in the off season. They are at minimum super exciting to watch and full value for my entertainment dollar as a STH.

Tasker + Banks + Masoli = ENTERTAINMENT!

Unfortunately, the sun will eventually expand until it envelopes the earth. Meanwhile, I can still enjoy a nice day at the beach.

If you take that equation and add variable (x) like so:

Tasker + Banks + Masoli + (x) = (y)

whereby (x) = Chris Jones

then the equation and answer to (y) looks like this:

Tasker + Banks + Masoli + Chris Jones = BRICK WALL

Congratulations Speedy on reaching new levels in receiving yards and reaching the 1000 yard barrier this season, actually 1033 yards with still 7 more games to go!!

At this speed Brandon is just warming up and if he can keep this pace, he should Finnish the year as the top receiver in the CFL?

Currently only Duke Williams of Edmonton has more yards at 1235.