All things John White

His best game so far as a TiCat
He is who Coach Jones told us he is.

15 carries 108 yards

Some love for John White - Lightning

This is how you make a hitch pass work

We’re going to need a running game in Edmonton on November 25 and I’m sure John will be fired up to show up the old hometown crowd.

White had a great game. That move on Orange was sick.

I was at the game on Saturday and that happened right on front of me. It looked like Orange just collapsed from confusion. I’m not comparing White to Gayle Sayers but I’ve heard that defenders had the same reaction when trying to tackle him… And then he went into the BC bench and started nodding at them…Hillarious!!

It would be nice if we could dress green and white at rb and use green ine red zone and. 2knd and 2 or 3 and mix and match otherwise. Then we could not dress kick returner addison and use. Backup db williams for kick returns

That would cause issues with the ratio, preventing us from dressing Addison, who not only handles kick returns, but is also one of the backup receivers. Plus, putting two international RBs on the field means sitting one of our starting international receivers on that play.

I’m thinking a better move would be to put both White (or Green) and Thomas Erlington in the backfield. That formation would result in a lot of options: one or both running routes, one or both providing extra pass blocking, one as a lead blocker for the other (with the defence not knowing which one was getting the ball). And as STE is our third string QB, maybe even the wildcat.

And as STE is a national, no ratio issue.

I like your approach CFO, don’t sense that ex-NFL/NCAA coaches like Jones think this way. Maybe O’Shea would think about it, but my feeling is that Jones follows standard operating procedures, and believes you do what should always be done, but do it perfectly. It’s like, there are only two options, the NFL way or the wrong way.

I thought that it was Faubert-Lussier who was considered our 3rd string QB as well as our back-up kicker ?

Oops. Got my TSN players mixed up.

(* TSN = Two SurName)

Heck - add a fullback in there and you can run the Wishbone. That’s totally an NCSS offence!