All things Jeremiah Masoli

Does anybody else find it astonishing that there is a thread about Manziel that is currently 58 pages long and has over 37000 views? A guy who has proven nothing in any pro league and has never even thrown a down in the CFL. :o

Yet, we have a guy in Masoli who has studied the game for the last few years, made remarkable progress and has proven in his last 10 games or so that he is a legitimate starter in the CFL. Why doesn't everyone rally behind Jeremiah instead of being so mesmerized by Pipe Dream Johnny?

I remember a few years ago there was endless pining on this forum for Sam Giguere. This guy was going to be the greatest thing ever. Eventually he got here and how did that work out? The same thing is now happening with Manziel. So many endless posts about this guy that you would think we don't even have any other QBs signed right now.

Masoli and Adams are the Cats future right now. How about we all jump off the Manziel bandwagon right now and show our current QBs some love and respect? I want to see the Manziel thread drop to page 3 by next week. :wink:

probably a bit of lack of faith in Masoli. He good, but maybe not good enough.

Krisiun: How do you think Jeremiah will do this year?

"probably a bit of lack of faith in Masoli. He good, but maybe not good enough."

He's good enough - he has proven it - he's just not a "drama queen" like Johnny.

No Question,
Masoli has earned and fully deserves the #1 QB position on the team.
The guy is a gamer!!

lol . Well I'm not Krisiun but here are my top #6 predictions for the "REAL" QB with the initials "JM" for this upcoming season.

  • Eastern All-Star selection for QB
  • Team nominee and Eastern winner year end MOP award
  • Minimum of 25 to a max of 30 + TD passes thrown on the season
  • Over 5000+ yds total passing on season
  • Starting QB in at minimum 10 wins this season for the team .
  • Starting QB for the East Champion Ti-Cats in Grey Cup 2018 .

Lofty goals ? You betcha , But there is absolutely no reason to think that they can't and won't be achieved .

So any disputes with my fearless predictions ? All you doubters might as well get them out of the way right now because I'd love to hear them . Oh , and for all you doubters out there ?
By all means please bookmark this page.......because trust me.....It's going to happen !!! 8)

In Masoli we trust !!!

eastern all star - if he remains healthy starter he has only 2 others to beat.
team nominee - could be, Eastern winner - not likely
25-30 tds - could happen
over 5000 - doubt it
starting for 10 wins - has the rest of the team improved enough?
GC game - yeah, could happen

I don't mean to be rude but comparing National Sam Giguere to Johnny Manziel is really nothing at all alike. And I get it , There has been nothing like this Manziel hype ever in Ticat land.

Johnny M is a media guru and he is promoting himself which get people talking about him. He is on the Cats neg list so naturally if there is a chance he signs here there will be talk. This is not new so why bother getting worked up?

Jeremiah is our QB but unless he goes off on a bender not much will be said about him other than his performance

I’m on board! I’ve gone cold turkey on the Manziel thread, so I needed a substitute :D. But even here, the Johnny virus is creeping in? Careful, guys, careful.

Glamour Boy has only been mentioned in 5 of the first 10 posts. Slightly below average for recent threads perhaps.

I think the #1 thing Masoli can improve is his consistency. His games to-date have been characterized by incredibly hot streaks and then painful cold streaks (e.g. a quarter or two of 2-and-outs). I know that not every drive can be a scoring drive, but the long cold spells tend to be momentum-shifters because we generally don't shut down the other team's offence over the same interval.

Some of it may be play-calling. There is a long and proud tradition in Hamilton of shifting away from something when it works, and that can't help. (RB is getting 8 and 10 yard runs? Well, let's just stop handing him the ball.)

My gut feeling (not scientific) is that Masoli is better than average at medium-to-long passes, making something out of broken plays, and running the ball. But below average at the shorter passes, whether over the middle or to the flats. I would have to think that's in his head and not due to ability. Maybe he's just over-thinking things?

Could probably be solved with a combination of more reps and some coaching. Of course, we also have a tradition here (more recent, as in 2017 vintage) of benching a struggling QB instead of coaching him through difficulties. That tactic may be less likely this year without a #2 guy who is ready to start.

Ticats visit SK in week 4 (July 5). I'm sure that will provide some fodder for Masoli vs. Collaros discussion as the date gets closer, especially since we'll have seen them in several games in the weeks prior.

Both teams are off in week 5, then they play the rubber match in Hamilton in week 6 (July 19).

If they meet a third time, it will be in a playoff game.

That is exactly it, right on the nail. Love Masoli but not “the guy?. Hope he proves me/us wrong and I’ll then chat about him for 60pages.

“Recent” would have to be the operative word here! One of the big complaints about Kent Austin over the previous years was his refusal to pull the QB and give game reps to the back-ups, including Masoli. As I recall, he swapped Henry Burris a bit in that Guelph play-off game (much to Burris’ everlasting complaining), but unless Collaros was injured, I seem to recall that Austin tended to leave him in. Indeed, when Zach did get injured, the cry from disappointed fans was that our back-ups were totally unprepared, resulting in our early exit.

Even last year, there was a hard-core group that wanted Jones to re-insert Collaros, just to “see what he could do” under the Jones offensive system. And, perhaps that is your reference, but don’t forget, Austin stuck with Collaros through 12 straight losses, until Jones substituted Masoli, even though Masoli had performed quite well during Zach’s injury time.

I also agree with the above. Masoli I consider average at best. He may get us
to the playoffs but not to the Big Dance. He always looks rushed out here,
even with a good Oline. He needs to read Defences better and make audibles
at the line. This would reduce his rushing and complete more plays.
Hes just not ready yet.

So did Collaros have a bad OLine and Masoli a good one?
interior was the same 3 all season
We had Fulton who was good enough to get picked up By Montreal at tackle and replaced him with Washington who was bad enough to get cut from Edmonton.
Masoli made the line better and the running game better with his mobility.

Give the guy credit. He was awesome for the Cats last season.

HTC fans have always been fair and even handed when it comes to its QBs.
Accurate in criticism and generous with praise.
I dont think Masoli has anything to worry about.

How do you know he is not ready? When he took over from Zach last year the guy looked like he had noticeably improved from previous years. Furthermore with each passing game he started to solidify his confidence as well as most of the fans confidence in him. Now he has had an entire off-season to prepare for the 2018 season as the expected starter. I'm sure he worked his tail off both physically and mentally, studying film and learning the June Jones playbook front to back. This year is Masoli's big chance and I think he will want to kick ass to prove the naysayers wrong. The guy is durable and seems like a very humble and likeable teammate. Complete opposite of that other guy in that other thread. 8)

I can see the whole team rally around Jeremiah which is a really good thing.

I agree with all of the above. With a healthy receiving corps and improved O-Line most of the listed predictions could indeed become a reality.

Another reason to be optimistic is that Masoli seems to have a body build with a more lower centre of gravity and seems to be able to evade injury. All you need to do is check out how many teams in the last few years had their seasons completely derailed when their QB sustained a long term injury (Durant, Ray, Lulay, Collaros). When Masoli gets buried in the backfield he has a high probability of getting back into the huddle which would be a big confidence boost to the team and fans.