All Things Dane Evans

Might as well start an all-encompassing Dane thread. We've had these before for other QBs and Dane deserves one also. I'm sure he will be mentioned a few times during the season. :smile:

Let's start with this great new One on One interview.


Dane Evans | Hamilton TigerCats | 2021 CFL Highlight | “Dreams To Reality” - YouTube 2021 highlights video


Dam is soon going to have a Canadian Daughter ..

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Its *Dane and since Dane and Nikki are both American there daughter technically will be considered a dual citizen.


I'n not too crazy about this CFL Top 50 list. They've got Dane all the way down at the #26 spot. Seriously what the hell is that? Did they not see him play in 2019 and last year? The QBs ahead of him in the list are as follows:

#25: Adams
#22: Masoli
#16: Fajardo
#14: Mitchell
#1: Collaros

So according to TSN Evans is the 6th best QB in a 9 team league. :roll_eyes:


Love it !! He’s heard all that and more since the time the first recruiting process started his sophomore year in HS. Just keep adding to that chip!!!


Of those 5 QB's ranked ahead of Dane I would agree on Zach for sure and maybe Mitchell (if he can regain his old mojo) . As for the other three ? I say no way that Fajardo or Adams are better in my book and if Masoli was considered better ? well then one would think that he would still be here and Dane would've been the one let go instead of the other way around .


We know what we have in Dane!
We don't need no list to tell us!
It's Danes time to shine! :tiger: :football: :trophy:


I think Dane will rewrite that list for 2023 and move into the Top 10 for sure.


Speaking of that TSN list it goes to show you just how fast one can rise and fall in a mere blink of an eye . I'm talking about one of Danes former favorite targets in one Speedy B .

Banks was ranked at number one on this list in 2021 and this year didn't even crack the top 50 . Meanwhile this years number # 1 Zach Collaros was ranked at # 28 which was two down from where Dane ended up this year at spot # 26 . Dane by the way was listed at # 35 on that 2021 list .

Here it is . It's quite the comparison when you look at this years list and see the difference a year makes . There are many similar names on both lists but also many names that are nowhere to be found on this years list .


I just noticed that 4 of the Top 6 QBs in the list have ties to Hamilton. The other guys might be ahead on the bogus list but I feel we have the right guy. Dane is younger than Collaros and Masoli and has more potential upside. Adams has an interesting skillset but I think might be a little too erratic for our fanbase. Alternating between a good play and a crazy play would cause this forum to explode. :smile:

Dane checks off all the right boxes.


That's showbiz. I remember in 2019 when Zack Collaros got brained in Saskatchewan, replaced by Cody Fajardo, bounced to Toronto and then unceremoniously dumped on Winnipeg (that's us) right at the trade deadline. Zack wasn't even considered a top 9 quarterback at the time by those geniuses.

Right after that he went on a 4 game winning streak and put a smile on our faces. Ratings be damned.

Personally I'd take Evan's 6th out of 9 Qb's rating from TSN and make a sign out of it. Later in the season when you guys are tops in the East I'd be waving that sign all over the place at Tim Horton's Field. The crowd would love it.


Banks did not look that good to me in the Argo's pre-season game. There was a nice pass thrown to him and he dropped it. A vintage Speedy would have snagged that and turned on the afterburners. We'll see how he does as the season moves on but I doubt he will be MBT's number #1 target.



Hmmm....A guy who is a little too erratic for our fanbase . Alternating between a good play and a crazy play . The forum exploding . Are you sure you're talking about Vernon Adams ? because it seems to me that there was a lot of discussion in these parts about another QB who used to be here that sounds very similar to this . Now what was his name again ? :thinking: :crazy_face:

Masoli had some of those tendencies at times but Adams is on a whole other level. It would have drove the fans even more crazy.

Evans has a more calming, decisive and workman-like presence. A perfect fit for Hamilton.


I will give you this about Adams , his crazy unpredictable play is for the most part fun to watch .

As for the dearly departed Masoli , rightly or wrongly there was a definite split in our fanbase about his style of play and his tendency towards inconsistency . It seemed that at the least in these forums anyways that there was no in-between camp when it came to Masoli . You were either in the pro Masoli camp or the anti Masoli camp and there was plenty of discussion about it from both sides of the fence .

For the record I never really disliked Masoli BUT he did drive me nuts sometimes when he'd pull off one of his boneheaded plays at a crucial time in a game .

All in all though I am 100% fully on board and confident that we made the right decision and chose the right QB to lead us into the future with Dane .


Hey @CoachE - here's some news that will make you happy. ESPN will be broadcasting ALL CFL games this year: ESPN broadcasting all 86 CFL games during 2022 season, including the 109th Grey Cup - 3DownNation

Also, the 3DN "Insider Talk" has a bit on Dane too: Insider Talk: Jones under pressure, Tanenbaum's displeasure, quarterback development - 3DownNation What I find funny, is that they mentioned Masoli as a "safety net" for him. There WAS no "safety net" in 2019 when Dane lit up (most) opposing defences... lol

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The "safety net" came into play twice in 2021 when Dane got injured. A competent backup or 1A and 1B scenario is crucial in the CFL otherwise your season could be in jeopardy if the number #1 guy goes down for a long time.

Dane turned out to be the "safety net" in 2019 when Masoli tore his ACL after a 5-1 start to the season.

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We are in complete agreement with regards to a capable backup (or two). Shiltz is that now, for better or for worse. I don't really have that much of an opinion on him.

If you think about it, Dane was Masoli's "safety-net" last season too. When Orolndo finally grew a pair and benched Masoli for his ineptitude, Dane came in and played VERY well. I would seriously wager that if Dane's neck WASN'T ALREADY INJURED he would have won the GC for us.

Masoli and Evans stated in training camp 2021 that it would take both of them to get to the Grey Cup and that's exactly how it played out.

I hope this year Dane stays 100% healthy and we won't even need Schiltz except for mop up time.