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  1. Not a fan of the Male/Female teams - The Everest Challenge on TSN.

It does nothing for me.

  1. Pretty Little Kaitlyn Lawes dyed her hair blond. Not a fan of that either. It bleaches her out.

Didn't see PLK (pretty little kaitlyn) at all. She was out before her team could get started - ie. single knockout tourney

The female skips fared very poorly. Jennifer Jones, the Winnipeg super star is showing signs of fragility - she was blown out earlier by Bradley Jacobs.

Even the automaton, Rachel Homan got herself blown to smithereens by Bradley Gushue.

In the end - Gushue smothered Jacobs 9-0 to pick up the $200,000 purse. All other teams just got their travel expenses paid - nothing else. IT WAS WINNER TAKE ALL!

Wait! What am I watching now on TSN? Isn't this the final... live?

Sorry, my mistake - PLK (Lawes) is on right now, curling 3rd for John Epping as they take on Golden Goo (Gushue) for the $200k. Kaitlyn looks good in almost every color known to man, including mousey puke brown!

Kaitlyn taking on her arch-nemesis, super-sub Cathy Overton-Clapham, the lady her skip, Jenn Jones fired a few years ago and caused a fooferroo in curling circles.

Pretty Little Kaitlyn is now 29 - Cathy O is coming up on 50.

No worries.

I was happy to see Cathy O. I know she got screwed (too harsh?) by Jennifer Jones so... she must love it when she does well on a national stage.

I'm not a fan of made for TV curling in August.

Exactly. Well said.

But if it was hockey with NHL'ers with a similar type tournament it would be super, super cool. I'm sure. :-\

I disagree. If it was hockey with a team of half men and half women, I would not watch.

Half men, half women. Like mutants sort of thing? Sounds neat especially watching mutants play ice hockey, or curling for that matter. Diversity, inclusion all fits in to the new world gestalt. ;D (why we need an official off-topic forum :-*)

I liked watching the funeral service commercial. Was this the first time, funeral services was the main sponsor for a sporting event?

Talk about playing to the stereotype of the curling demographic.

Well baseball is doing well with the older set as well, at least in the US ;):

Why the biggest battle in Major League Baseball is happening off the field

[i]Baseball has the oldest viewers of major sports, with half of its audience 55 or older[/i]

Even older than the CFL? :slight_smile:

Canadian pro football though isn't a major sport in North America. And certainly Canada with most things, including most sports, doesn't really make things happen in the US, maybe hockey and the NHL could be an exception, maybe although if all Canadian NHL teams folded tomorrow the NHL would do just fine and continue on doing just fine IMHO. Justin though, ok, he's an exception as well but politics isn't a sport, er I don't think it is anyways but some might say it is. :wink:

That being said though I wouldn't doubt the CFL does have a demographic audience similar to baseball in the US, not sure. Average age of viewer or fan that is.

Back to curling momentarily.
I think this might be the last year where Jennifer Jones represents a threat to win a record 6th Canadian title.
Jones is 42/43 now and shows increased exasperation and shot-making declines last 2 or 3 years.
Her saving grace is she's a bit of an automaton when it comes to not choking on routine or semi-hard shots in late game situations.
She's also got one of the top 3 3rds in the ladies game, one of the top 2 leads and although almost as old as Jones one of the best 2nds in Jill Officer - her big hitter and power-brusher.
This year it appears defending world and Canadian champion Rachel Homan won't be competing in the Scotties Canadian womens curling championships nor the worlds - cuz she'll be the obvious favourite to capture the Olympic berth in Ottawa.

If she does - Homan won't play as the auto-berthed defending champion at the Scotties. . . and if she doesn't curl Scotties she can't go to worlds.

The woman she beat in the Canadian finals last year was 54 yr old Michelle Englot - a native Saskatchewan curler who was brought in to skip a Manitoba team that had kicked their skip off the team. Englot gave a wonderful account of herself in the Scotties - forcing Homan to make 2 or 3 precise and incredible shots/doubles to advance to the worlds.

If Homan wins the Olympic berth, Englot becomes the Team Canada entry at the Scotties - thus opening the door for Jones to make her way to the even via the Manitoba playdowns - - - where she won't have to compete with Englot.

That said, Jones' game is sometimes in a state of shambles despite her great record and wonderful reputation as a skip. Remember, even with 5 Canadian titles - she squandered a couple more by simply putting in putrid efforts - and only has 1 world title to her credit. Her crowning glory was her amazing undefeated run thru the last Olympic games - winning gold without dropping a game.

If she can somehow claw and limp her way to another Manitoba title - she'll represent Manitoba at the Scotties - and in a field without Homan (assuming she wins the Olympic spot) she could somehow talk, shout and shoot her way to that coveted 6th Canadian title.

Despite having the best or 2nd best players at their positions - Jones has become her worst enemy. The once fluid and decisive skip has become increasingly indecisive, over-thinking routine shots let alone difficult ones. Her games which were once a joy to watch have now become convoluted time-dragging affairs featuring a skip who seems almost afraid to call shots - for fear what the opponent can do.

The other matter is - when Jones decides to pack it up - pretty little Kaitlyn Lawes will become a free agent - and that's when things might get interesting. Kaitlyn, not only a supremely attractive woman - has an effervescent personality that combined with her great shot-making and calling talent could be useful to teams still young enough to confront the monsters known as Team Homan, (ie. Valerie Sweeting, couple others)

Wonder what happens if Jones decides to continue on even if she gets squashed this year? Is Kaitlyn somehow bound to Jones? Don't know but Lawes is very loyal - and Jones knows she won't find anyone better!

As a non-fan of curling, I tuned in a little bit randomly this weekend. Are the players usually miked up in that fashion? I could hear every single little conversation they had and it was totally fascinating.

Most tournaments have the players miked up. The Olympics also mikes up the players but has more limitations on when the mikes can be opened for public hearing.

I like it, too - mainly because it breaks the tedium of what can be very tedious viewing for those not totally into the various nuances and terms of the game.

What I noticed from last nite's final - and the Jennifer Jones vs. Jacobs match I saw was probably more miking up than usual - I suspect the audio director wasn't really into controlling the flow; sometimes you could hear anyone talking, and often it was over someone else - which can be frustrating for the viewer/listener.

Keep in mind that Brad Gushue (winning skip) is our country most brilliant male curler - Cathy Overton-Clapham has been around for well over 30 years (she's the super-sub who played 3rd) while Epping's 2nd, Brent Laing, while never a winning skip or 3rd - is one of the foremost front enders in Canadian curling history - and is always willing to impart his vast knowledge to teammates (currently with Kevin Koe)

Combine what the curlers were chatting about - factor in the primary color commentator (Russ Howard) is probably the leading commentator in curling history and you have a really unique dialog of ideas.

It was a made for TV event so it was very fan friendly. Having said that, they almost always mike up the teams playing.

True enough, trying to make it like the boxing/UFC event but “made for TV event”, well, doesn’t get more of an accurate description than that. Hey good on the curling world to do what they have to do, it’s all about money in the end.

The offer to join Ryan and myself at the Argo-Ticat game is still open, Aerial. Give it some thought.