All the Warning Signs

Sign him now, no hesitation don't even let him get out of Ontario. He may become expendable once we get some of our guys back but Jefferson is better than the rookies we are trotting out right now.

NEWSFLASH: Second ACL injuries six times more likely after reconstruction, study finds

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That would make any human who has been through this trauma much more tentative and passive. Collaros is clearly not as mobile as he was prior to the injury. Self preservation is now higher on his list than hook sliding for a five yard gain.

Count Floyd wrote: " Bottom line is, Austin has complete control, it all falls at his feet."

Count: The man who has "complete control" (next to Bob Young) is Scott Mitchell.

Some thoughts:

If we look back to when Bob Young took over in 2004, we have had 6 head coaches. None of them have been successful except for Austin who took us to the Grey Cup. He has an overall .500 success rate...or lower if you include this season so far. Marcel Bellefeuille was close to .500. The rest were really bad.
For most of the time since Bob Young took over, Scott Mitchell has been the CEO.
It's probably fair to say that Mitchell has had a lot more success off the field with this team, than on the field. I think the Tiger-Cat organization overall is well-run.
But we have never had a strong and consistent performance from any of the HC's since 2004. No John Hufnagel, Marc Trestman or Wally Buono. Austin looked good for a while but if we have another losing season this year I'd say his time is up.
I thought George Cortez would have done better as HC despite his lack of media skills but he did not work out either.

We have also seen some of our assistant coaches go on to HC jobs.

And who would have thought QB Jason Maas would have had any success at anything after he left the Tiger-Cats but he has gone on to be a very respectable HC in Edmonton.

Ottawa made a smart HC hire thanks to Marcel Desjardins, another one of ours (GM) who we let go. The Blue Team pulled off a huge coup getting Popp and Trestman back together again. Looks to me like they will out do us this season and the Blue Team continue to improve next year.

The problem this team now faces is that with Kent Austin in charge of Football Operations, GM and Head Coach, there is no successor in sight if he goes. The team will need to hire three new people. Or two if Eric Tillman ends up as a real GM.

Barring a miraculous recovery sometime this season, I don't like our chances. But if we end up with another losing season, I'd say it's time for some major changes in the front office. Again.

Would they be the Kitty Litter, then?

The Hamilton Tiger Cats are 9th in net offence with 208.0 yds/gm,
and 9th in net offence allowed at 489.5 yds/gm.


Austin has complete control over football operations. While it's clear that Bob & Scott are his bosses, they have also made it clear on numerous occasions that they let him do as he sees fit in regard to players & schemes, so much so that they extended his contract in this past off season.

Getting rid of Mitchell or Tillman would not improve the football team. I like Austin for the most part & approved of his hiring. But when your team stops looking competitive, & the coach keeps doing the same things over & over, you have to address it. If it didn't work in the first 2 games, why would it work in the 3rd?

Austin needs to swallow his pride & revamp the offence into something simpler. I'd even consider letting Zach call plays at this point. How could it be worse?

5 starters are missing out of 24 : Butler, Kanneh, Davis, Fantuz, Toliver. That might reflect on the team's record. :roll: :roll:
Just a suggestion for the critics posting here, at least bother to get the spelling correct. Your biting comments tend to lose their impact , when you can't spell CAT.

Pat Lynch (My Cats are hurting but they're not dead) :thup:

The problem is it seems to be an issue in Collaros' head, hence the happy feet. I dont miss Kevin Glenn but Saturday's game was a study in contrasts. Kevin really knows how to avoid contact and also how to take a hit. Zach doesnt have that level of experience and i think he's running scared.

An article from Three Down Nation. It appears Austin has taken the play calling from Stefan Ptaszek after their first game of the season vs the Arblows. This is another warning sign that Austin wants to run the offence even though he hired Ptaszek as OC. It also appears Austin does not follow up on his own statements. I believe he indicated players who take selfish penalties would not play for his team. Banks and Hill are still on the roster. Are these two instances further warnings of a coach who says one thiing and does another. Hard to believe
how quickly Trestman and Popp put together a team that can compete in four months. Austin unfortunately in my opinion iis very much over his head considering he has been in charge well over four months.

Exactly, but if we don't sign him, then that points even further to my earlier point. The GM and player personnel needs simply aren't being addressed.