All the sites.........finally !

Thanks to councillor Mitchell and to the protests of Mayor Fred, Chris Murray was forced to cough up the entire list of sites and explain why each was stricken from analysis...... (except CP and West Harbour)

MIP Longwood
Confederation Park
50 Rd & QEW
East Mountain
Speedway Park (Centennial and Mud)
Kay Drage Park
Highland and Centennial
West Harbour
CP Longwood
John A McDonald High school property
Old Studebaker plant
Lakeport Brewery property
Ivor Wynne
Clappison Corners what were the explanations?

Proves one thing. Side Show Fred is stuck on stupid.

OK I’m voting for Studebaker. It’s on the railway line, not near (or too near housing) and it has good road access. Not highway but road.

it's adjacent to housing to the south of it.

Mars street.

[url=,+Hamilton,+ON&gl=ca&ei=kwiQTMbtG4ODnQeUwNi0DA&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBYQ8gEwAA] ... CBYQ8gEwAA[/url]

Mostly bovine excrement :roll: ..........Chris Murray didn't go into much detail and it was all I could do to jot the sites down because of how fast he was ringing them off.........Councilor Mitchell was really pissed off that there has been absolutely no studies on most.............Fred was severely pissed off that Councilor Mitchell would dare ask for accountability and did everything he could to silence Mitchell..........I wanted to jump up and start screaming at Fred to shut his mouth and quit interfering with the democratic and transparency process, but of course, there is a decorum in there for the gallery to adhere to.

It seems that if the land isn’t the personal property and pet project of a City Councilor (cough - Collins and CP - cough), most empty lands are considered “employment lands”… or it’s not downtown or a brownfield so it doesn’t qualify.

This story for the Bay Observer, outlining the whole PanAm debacle, outlines how the City shanghaied the process and royally screwed things up...

[url=] ... _park.html[/url]

Note the original reason to include Hamilton in the bid...

"[b]Dr. Sutton knew the key to ensuring significant investment for the city would be to marry the Tiger Cats need for a new stadium to the Hamilton’s bid.[/b] This mirrors the story of how Ivor Wynne Stadium came to be... Dr. Sutton knew the key to ensuring significant investment for the city would be to marry the Tiger Cats need for a new stadium to the Hamilton’s bid... "Dr. Sutton believed that the 2015 games would transform the city economically and culturally [b]and put athletes on centre stage[/b] in Hamilton," Foxcroft told the Observer.
[b](*** athletes, not downtown renewal or land remediation)[/b]
With the perseverance of Braley, Ron Foxcroft, and Dr. Sutton who formed a Pan Am steering committee, that also included former Spectator Editor David Estok, Tiger Cat President Scott Mitchell and Roger Trull of McMaster University [b]they were able to convince the Pan Am decision makers to alter their criteria and allow the Tiger Cats to be included in the bid – and play the role of the major tenant for a new stadium.[/b] The stadium would be used for Track and Field during the Pan Am Games, [b]then would be the new home to the Cats afterwards. This alteration in Pan Am criteria underscores that the Tiger Cats were indeed the prime reason for Hamilton to be the home to the Pan Am stadium.[/b] "
"As we are all painfully aware, somehow that message became diluted when the City officially became involved in the bid process, and insults began to fly."
"Dr. Sutton was heard to say, “It’s crucial we don’t let council know the sites. They will just (expletive) it all up."
Info on how a furious Collins was able to remove CP from the short list of sites.
"Dr Sutton believed that these games would transform the City economically and culturally and put athletes on Centre Stage in Hamilton. The permanent legacies that the games would provide were a source of great pride for her. [b]Dr. Sutton would be disappointed and appalled with the current state of the stadium debate. She believed the Athletes should always be the story and not political controversy.[/b]"
I find it amazing that one @#$%!&^!!! (with the help of some Council friends) can ruin what should have been a wonderful Hamilton success story.