All the pressure is on the TICATS !

As dominant as they are becoming, it will mean nothing if they have a slip up in the GC. The threat of Losing three GC'S in succession will be added pressure. Rarely has an East team walked in to the Western Division and blow teams out, in their stadiums .Even the very good Als teams, struggled vs the West. If Calgary can get back to the game and get healthy, it will make the game interesting. A healthy John Cornish could cause some problems on Nov 29th in Winnipeg ?

Amusing to imply that the Ticats are going to the GC with two thirds of the season to go.

I'm not a Ticat fan but from an unbiased look at things , nobody in the East is beating them at home. They are clearly the best team in the East and only hitting their stride now . It's not like this team just came out of the blue and starting playing well. They have been in the last two GC's and really started asserting themselves in last years second half of the season . Their Defence is sick and Colloras is only getting better . It's not much of a stretch to put them in the GC game .

That's funny - I thought "all the pressure" is on the QB of whatever team Ticats are playing.

They could be hit with injuries to key players and looking at the standings and the four game road trip Toronto had. Hamilton could very well end up playing the East Final at Rogers. They could end up playing a playoff game in bad weather with no running game. Way too much football left to play.

Friday Oct 3rd. Calgary at Hamilton should be a good tilt! :rockin:

The opposing team could end up playing in the same bad weather too, ........... :roll:

Looking at the past couple of games, Ottawa, Toronto and the Als don't have much of a running game either.
I think the Ticats are going to blow away every opponent this year, reg season, playoff and the GC they will probably end up at 17 - 3

I’d say the pressure is just to make the Grey Cup. Since the Eskimo dynasty only 2 teams have made it 3 years in a row; Hamilton in the mid 80s and Montreal 08-10. History on their side after that as I don’t think anyone has lost 3 in a row in the modern era.

Wait, what? We racked up over 200 yards of running offense against BC and we don't have a running game? :lol:

I think the Ticats are going to blow away every opponent this year, reg season, playoff and the GC they will probably end up at 17 - 3
Well, then, I guess we should just give Hamilton the Grey Cup now then and cancel the rest of the season. :lol:

Boy ... some of you Cats fans are a pretty hilarious combination of unearned victimhood, whining, and arrogance. You want to be the victim, the wronged party, but also ~TEH BEST~, and no other team is allowed to be even the slightest bit confident about their chances against you on the strength of ... what? Back-to-back losses in the Grey Cup? Wow, that's some dynasty you got going there. A few years ago, my Als were supposedly chokers because they had lost multiple times in the Grey Cup, but you guys? Nah, you are pure excellence in football form.

There's only been 1 team since the 50's that has lost 3 Cups in a row that being the Alouettes of 54,55,56 and ironically it was all against the same team ,that being the Eskimos.

List of teams that have made the Grey Cup 3 or more years in a row since 1954 to 2014 and w/l results.

Edmonton Eskimos(3)..............54(w),55(w),56(w)..........................3 wins/0 losses
Montreal Alouettes(3)..............54(l),55(l),56(l).............................0 wins/3 losses
Winnipeg Blue Bombers(3).........57(l),58(w),59(w)..........................2 wins/1 loss
Hamilton Ti-Cats(3)................57(w),58(l),59(l)............................1 win/2 losses
Hamilton Ti-Cats(5)................61(l),62(l),63(w),64(l),65(w)..............2 wins/3 losses
Edmonton Eskimos(3)..............73(l),74(l),75(w).............................1 win/2 losses
Edmonton Eskimos(6)..............77(l),78(w),79(w),80(w),81(w),82(w)....5 wins/1 loss
Hamilton Ti-Cats(3)...............84(l),85(l),86(w).............................1 win/2 losses
Montreal Alouettes(3).............08(l),09(w),10(w)............................2 wins/1 loss

never say never, but I cannot envision another CFL team ever duplicating the 6 straight Grey Cup appearances (or 5 straight wins) as the Esks of the 77-82 era.

Nor can I see another player replicate Hank Ilesic's record of 6 consecutive Grey Cup victories and 7 consecutive Grey Cup appearances all in his first 7 seasons as a pro. (and starting at the tender age of just 17 years old)


A bad weather game even's the playing field. The running game could be the deciding factor if both passing games are a wash. Sometimes the coin toss decides your winner in a game where wind is a factor ?

After the first month Edmonton was the shoe in, now its Hamilton... I remember an Edmonton team that was way more dominant than any team since and ended up getting beat in the GC.

No we won't see another dynasty like that. SMS levels the playing field to the bottom.

Edmonton has improved but never a shoe in . The TIcats have made the last 2 GC'S and have improved further. Completely different situations. The Ticats were GC favourites from the very start of the year.

To early to think about Grey Cup.
We are only half way through.

However, as good as this team is , wait till they get their injured players back.
They do have a lot of guys hurt , but at least they went down early. Lots of time to get them back.

Anyway I do believe the Cats will win the 2015 GC.
This team is to focused to feel pressure. Just motivated.
Just getting better and better every week.

You know the saying . History repeats.

84 they got destroyed.
85 lost to a better team
86 played a better team but had 2 losses to experience from

98 lost a close one
99 just focused on the goal.

Now someone might say. Those years have nothing to do with this year. Right , but those show my point.

Stats are easy to record. You can not coach experience or focused motivation.
Been there done that , third time is a charm.

If they get to the GC they will win it.

Then again, AC and the Als did lose 4 in a row , so ...........

No, the Als did not lose four in a row. Get your facts straight.

2002: win
2003: loss
2004: eliminated in EDF
2005: loss
2006: loss
2007: eliminated in ESF
2008: loss
2009: win
2010: win

Ok, I do not need to point out the obvious. At least I thought I did not.

Every one else knows I was talking about trips in a row.

Your own reply agrees with me. ( 4 trips ) 03-05-06-08. Losses. In a row.

Please read and understand words before you blast someone with " get your facts straight "

Use English properly if you want people to understand you. Losing four in a row over a non-contiguous span of years is not what anyone is going to infer if you say “lost four in a row” when the team under discussion (Hamilton) hasn’t had any interval between losses.

I remember an Edmonton team that set, and still holds, the record for most wins in a season and didn't even make the Grey Cup.

Regardless. Everyone including yourself knew what I meant. You are picking at a word twist for the sake of starting an argument.
Board much , or just to much time on you hands ?