All the pressure is on the Lions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In the Western Final- all the pressure is on the Lions. All their all-stars, home - field advantage , better record etc. etc. etc. But, what will happen if the Riders keep it close. Will the Lions start to doubt themselves saying , "... hey were supposed to be blowing these guys out???" As I have said before many times, the regular season means diddly squat as long as you make the playoffs. Look at the last ten years in the west and more often than not the 3rd place teams do well in the playoffs. So, Geroy and DD, and the rest of the All-Star Lions, what will happen when the score is tied in the 4th quarter and the Rider fans are making more noise than the Lions faithful and it comes down to ex-rider Paul McCallum doing your kicking. Answer equals -- "I'D BE WORRIED!!!!!"

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yikes- it might be another missed opportunity season for the mighty Leos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule!!!!!!!!!!
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!

Hey what was the results of the Rider - Lions games this year, I forget. Oh yeah, 3 wins for the Riders 1 for the Leos; Yikes, I'd be worried in Lotusland!!!

Is Dave Dickenson really older than Warren Moon???

Riders Rule

Is Paul McCallum nearsighted or farsighted- I forget or did Paul not tell you guys in BC that!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule


So Turkey - Like you said the regular season means diddly so just because the Riders have won 3 out of 4 in the REGULAR season, that means the Lions have as good a chance to win as the Riders.

The Stamps had Riders number this season but Riders won, who says this won't happen to the Riders. Maybe the Riders will be over confident and take the Lions lightly because of their regular season record. Isn't that what you guys said in the 2004 West final?

Just a little something to think about.

Don't flatter yourself, in 2004 Riders fans claimed their were 10000 or so fans at BC Place. It was more like 2000 or 3000 and they were pretty quiet compared to Lions fans.

RIders in 06!

I`d be surprised to see anything over 3,000 Rider fans at this game. Look for around 50,000 fans in total. Tickets are starting to sell really well.

Oh I think there will be more than 3000 Rider fans. There are a lot of "Transplanted" Saskatchewan people out here. (My Wife included)

I hope we get 50,000 in the dome. Turkey, keep up the "creative" writting!

Besides, while the Riders beat us 3 times, their total points scored against us was still 5 less than we scored against them. The Rider wins were by 1, 3, and 8, while the Leo win was by 17. Also, two of the Rider wins were at the beginning of the season when we still had a few bugs to work out.

I'm expecting a close game next week, but close or not, it will be the Lions chowing down on the Riders! :slight_smile: