All the pieces are falling into place...

September 18 was my birthday and the Riders delivered my B-day present in the form of a win over Edmonton. The following Friday was the following Friday and I got my well deserved Friday present in the form of a W over Toronto. Last Saturday was my Bachelor party, and as predicted, I got my bachelor party present when we beat BC. This Saturday I am getting married. I will not be able to go to the game for obvious reasons (my fiance didn't want to be the half time show) but I will get a wedding present in the form of a W over Montreal, followed by a one-week anniversary present over the damn eskimos, a 2 week anniversary present over the Stamps, and a November 5 present over the Lions once again. 12-6, home playoff, and then the GC. It is the year of presents for this guy.

Go Riders!!

Well, the average consensus at the start of the year was Riders finishing about 12-6, so is it really surprising? We just got our losses in an untimely order :smiley: forgot, once the ring is on the finger it's all downhill from there buddy......


We're counting on you Dr.Rise. .don't screw up. Treat your wife like a queen until AFTER we win the GC ok?

Dear Doc,
Life as you know it has ended!